E-Mailbag for March 18, 2000

Anna wrote:

who designed the super mario 64 game?

BeckerManEX: The "Man" behind the game is none other than the God of gaming Shigeru Miyamoto and a great team of designers that have created, what is still called, The Greatest Game Ever Created.
Hairball: The creator of Super Mario 64 is the magificient Shigeru Miyamoto who has created other Mario games such as Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World as well.
Namek: Shigeru Miyamoto made Mario 64 and other great games like Zelda.
FireKraken: Joe...Joe Mama.

John wrote:

My kids rented Mario Party and lost the instruction book let is there any place a person can get a book? thank you in advance

BeckerManEX: Well, not really. As with video game system boxes there are only enough boxes to package the amount of systems produced which means that, unless you can find a site online or Nintendo sells them seperate, you are out of luck. Sorry.
Hairball: If you live in the USA, you can buy from Nintendo's Online Store at www.nintendostore.com. They have instruction booklets for all 1st and 2nd party games.
Namek: Try checking www.nintendostore.com. You can also get your kids a free pair of game gloves while your at it.
FireKraken: Well I'm sure that by the time you get this, the game will have been taken back. But you can goto used game stores to get booklets. I'm sure there are other places, but I don't know what they'd be.

KirbyKool wrote:

I think you guys should talk a little about Kirby!!! After all he's on nintendo!!! And he is not one of those bitches!

BeckerManEX: Ok lets talk about Kirby. Kirby is great, Kirby is puffy, Kirby is pink. There that should be enough. Also, incase you didn't look at the title of this site is "Super Mario 64 Central" which means that we only talk about things that have to do with the Mario Universe.
Hairball: This site is about Mario not Kirby, that's why we don't really talk about him. But personally I think Kirby is cool.
Namek: The only thing he has to do with Mario is that he is in the game Super Smash Bros. That's not enough to center a section of the site around him. The few games I have played with Kirby in it where awesome.
FireKraken: I personally LOVE Kirby. He is my role model. But, if you look at the top of this page, it say Super Mario 64 Central, not Kirby 64 Central.

KirbyKool wrote:

This is KirbyKool! Iwould like to be a staff.I know everything about you guys! I go here everytime!I'm 15 years old.You will learn more about me later!

BeckerManEX: Well awaiting your "later" email has given us time to trim the bushes, and walk the dog in anticipation of your arrival.
Hairball: No, we don't need you to write stuff about Kirby.
Namek: I will learn more about you later? Um, if you wanna join, then email Hairball.
FireKraken: ACK! Someone is stalking ME for a change??! I mean....did I say that out LOUD?...uh oh.

Moh wrote:

how do you do the trick where lugi comes and follows you and gives you endless lives

BeckerManEX: First you have to find him in the game....somewhere....
Hairball: I think you get the trick by beating the Princess's Secret Slide in less than 2 seconds.
Namek: On what game? I don't think he can on any of them.
FireKraken: I dunno you tell me...oh wait, THERE ISN'T ONE!!!

Me wrote:

yoshi story was a hit selling a million copies are you crazy?

BeckerManEX: Actually it didn't sell a Million copies. Not all the games on the Player's Choice line up have sold a million copies. A few include Cruisn' USA, and Yoshi's Story.
Hairball: Even if that game really did suck maybe having Yoshi in it helped sell 1 million copies.
Namek: I already had a discussion with you about this so I don't feel oblidged to answer this question again.
FireKraken: Yes, I am.

Mark wrote:

how do you do that on the Mario site you make stuff for it how?

BeckerManEX: I'm not touching this one.
Hairball: The pages on this site are created using FrontPage 2000, and the graphics are made with Paint Shop Pro 5 and 6.
Namek: I could make a site using pure HTML and Notepad. I am not a lamer that uses Editors. :) no offense HB.
FireKraken: The Web Page Fairy comes to this page every week and she updates it for us. I don't know how she gets in or why, but she does.

#1 Luigi Fan wrote:

why don't you show Luigi a little respect and show him in this web site. because Luigi is "Mario"'s little bro. and you guys give "Mario" all the fame,fortune,and all the spot light. i seen the comics of nintendo power and think it stinks because the make "mario" steal all the spot light and at the same time make Ligi look like a loser and a coword. i have been a Luigi fan for 8 years and i think that makes me his number one fan and am gald about it. you will NEVER she me sapport "mario" in any way. Luigi desreves at least 40% of the spotlight. but i bet i know why you don't give him hardly any. why? you ask. it's because you are afraid that a lot more people will start to like Ligi more better than that thing what they call"Mario".but their is still hope for Luigi. oh yes...their are thousands of Luigi fans out their. But still "Mario" has MILLIONS of fans. way more than Luigi. why is that? because you guys give all the spotlight to "Mario". how much spotlight is given to Luigi. About 10%. for examle how many games are all about "Mario"? and compare that to how many games are all about Luigi. you see what i mean jellybean. and one more game i hear is coming out about "Mario". that really makes me mad. if i were able to. i'd go back in time and make Luigi the main bro. or if i was able to i'd garb a gun and shot "MARIO" in the head a few times. So give Luigi a little spotlight too.

BeckerManEX: Oh here we go...First off you need to get a really good spell checker, and learn to use this magical things called Capital letters to start sentences. And, never call me jellybean again.
Hairball: We can't decide how much spotlight to give to Luigi because we aren't Nintendo. It's up to Nintendo to decide what games he gets, or has roles in. Luigi is a cool guy, but because they are called the "Mario Brothers", Mario is the name that is and always will be more known.
Namek: Luigi is a great guy but not as appealing to everyone with his puke green colors. Maybe he will make a comeback in the year 2001. Pay no attention to Fire's lame reply that follows mine. Your not a lame jerk.

Thuan Tang wrote:

Are you going to get more soty about Mario for N64. This site is cool.

BeckerManEX: It depends on your definition of "soty".
Hairball: What is a soty?
Namek: I hope you mean story. We will have a lot more stories, but not just over the N64 version of Mario, but the rest as well. read Solar's Mario Saga for the time being.
FireKraken: Yes.....soty is good.

Edward Tyson wrote:

SMBHQ.com announced that there was a new super mario 64 cartoon in production with 26 episodes, and I was wondering, when will it air next fall season or later, and will it be network or syndicated.

BeckerManEX: I must have missed that story on SMBHQ. I will have to go look.
Hairball: I don't know what's going on with our buddies over at SMBHQ, but as far as I know there isn't a Super Mario 64 cartoon.
Namek: I haven't heard about this. I don't pay much attention to SMBHQ. They need to get themselves a new design and organize their information better.
FireKraken: So was I.

Mario* wrote:

I know how you can improve your site! How about you make some Choose Your Own Adventure Mario stories! That would be cool!

BeckerManEX: Seeing as how, most of the people in our poll don't seem to like the story we have, we might have to think about that one. (No disrespect to the author of the Mario Story, I personally haven't read it).
Hairball: Hmmm....I wonder how we can get that to work.
Namek: I think it's a great idea. We should do that, but HB probably would say no.
FireKraken: That takes a lot of effort...but I always DID like those little books when I was a kid...

Daffy Duck wrote:

Why Don't You Update More???

BeckerManEX: Because Hairball is too lazy to get up and do something instead of search for animal porn.
Hairball: We update about at the same rate as our buddies at The Mushroom Kingdom, but because we already have so much content, there isn't much we can talk about Mario anymore...
Namek: We rarely have anything else to tell you about Mario. The few updates we have only have 3-4 new entries for the site.
FireKraken: Hey, don't yell at us! It's the Web Page Fairy's fault!

Robert wrote:

How come is cool and powerful.

BeckerManEX: I think we are missing a noun in that sentence. We must get all of the English dropouts on this site.
Hairball: Because that's how our society is like today, and from that phrase I can tell you aren't cool or powerful.
Namek: Cum is very cool and powerful.
FireKraken: I don't know, but there are many reasons. For one, _____ is very good for us. Secondly, _____ is recommended by 3 out of 4 dentists. And lastly, WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!

Wobbo wrote:

your a whacker

BeckerManEX: Hahahahaha, Thank you.
Hairball: If I'm a whacker then what are you?
Namek: See above answer from me.
FireKraken: Umm...no...

thehuffs wrote:

Why is your name Super Mario 64 Central? You have info on all the Mario games.

BeckerManEX: I do agree the name should be Super Mario Central, but the site started off just covering SM64, so why change a name everyone knows so well.
Hairball: The site is called that because the site was supposed to be about N64 Mario games (Super Mario (N)64 (games) Central), but then as the site got huger and expanded the other systems got covered as well. But the name of the site did not change.
Namek: We will be changing the name the next time we get a new design.
FireKraken: It just...errr....sounds better?

Demon wrote:

I really think Pokemon has confused the seven of you who do this mailbag, so you should think of getting you priorities in order. Another thing, the Holidays are when the big games come out, right? Well, I heard that Dolphin won't be released here this year because N64 is doing GREAT! And This is just a PREDICTION for all the Pokemon loving simpletons reading this, but I PREDICT there will be a fighting game out with 30 Nintendo characters, more items, more levels, more music, and new modes. And that game will be.....Super Smash Bros 2. There. I said enough for today, although maybe I should have typed REAL SLOW so every Pokemon fan could have caught up to the facts.

BeckerManEX: Uh..you failed to make a point on what SSB2 and Pokemon will have together. Your email just seems like a little rant about SSB2.
Hairball: Yes, 151 Pokemon is very confusing and a few of them will probably end up in Super Smash Bros. 2, and I'm not going to read the rest of your comment as you don't even know how to fill out a Mail Form properly and stop making all these dumb line breaks, goodbye.
Namek: What's there to be confused about? I hate pokemon. Case closed. I will read no further.
FireKraken: Wow! You are such a quick one! Have you NEVER heard talk of making Super Smash Bros 2? What kind of LOSER thinks he can come to a MARIO page, and make fun of POKEMON?! I'll tell you what kind! The kind that is the result of a lesbian finger f***!!! I think it's YOU that needs to get YOUR priorites straight! If you can't accept Pokemon as part of the Nintendo family then just go to the PSX side!! Where their family is 4 Tomb Raiders and Crash Bandicoot!!