E-Mailbag for February 26, 2000

MarioSuperStar wrote:

How did you create that Button that leads to your site. I have a site and would really apreciate it if you would tell me how you got it. I don't know much HTML but if that's how you got it please tell me. Thank you!

BeckerManEX: The button is a simple *.gif file that Harry made. It isn't the greatest thing in the world, an animated one with a better slogan would be better (hint Harry hint), but you can do it with just about any decent graphics program like Paint Shop Pro 6 or Adobe Photoshop.
Hairball: Use a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop to make the graphics, graphics basically have nothing to do with HTML.
Namek: Just make one in MSPaint or any other Graphic Tools.
Tiger: He used a graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Get a free trial off the net, and try it out. It's not that hard, and practice will help you make a good banner like what SM64C has.
FireKraken: If you get something like Front Page 98 or 2000 or something it will help you make web pages.

Luigim64 wrote:

what's the purpose of the stomps in bob-omb battle field

BeckerManEX: Are you sure you are on the right level?
Hairball: The purpose of the stomps are for ummm....I don't know...
Namek: To add more fun.
Tiger: To destroy them?
FireKraken: The stomps make it blow up.....

Pikachu wrote:

dear people,were is peachy? do a thingie on her and don't the pics she is one classical gal. p.s she origanaly featured in the super mario cartoon series with RED HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't lie! and in 1993 the super mario movie was lanched and it was princess daisy!

BeckerManEX: Well things are just peachy here. Hopefully someone on the site will put together a little Peach (Princess Toadstool) feature sooner or later. Maybe someone here will also redo this sites design, we will see.
Hairball: I guess it could be, it could be not, it's too long ago that I don't even remember...
Namek: Hmmmmm... that's odd. I wonder why the people at Nintendo change the princess as much as they do.
Tiger: Peach might have one of those bios on this site, but I am not sure. I think it's important that there is Peach, and that the Mario series isn't stuck with guys.
FireKraken: Gee, you are a quick one.

Cam wrote:

Do now any place where i can download a MIDI with the ending song to Super Mario 64? Please help!

BeckerManEX: You should be able to get it right here at SM64C in our downloads section, or just type "Video Game Music" into any search engine. Done and done.
Hairball: Look in the downloads section of SM64C.
Namek: Try the downloads section, or you can try www.n64cc.com
Tiger: Try the Downloads Section.
FireKraken: Go to yahoo.com or altavista.com and type mario midi in the search bar.

number1person wrote:

Hi HB, yes this is the #1 from GBStation. Anyway, I think it would be funny if you saved all of the stupid e-mails (i.e "I think mario does it alot") and when you have about 10 (shouldn't be too long), you make a special edition of the e-mailbag just to answer those really stupid ones. I think alot of people would get a bunch of laughs.

BeckerManEX: Well last time we tried to do a special email-bag it died. Remember the Reverse Email-Bag? I thought not. And it would have to be more than 10 because we get really dumb email all the time.
Hairball: Hey number1person, I guess it could be a good idea for the stupid e-mails, but ummm...it makes it hard and confusing to do...
Namek: Your queer, but that's a good idea.
Tiger: We usually do that on the bottom of these e-mailbags anyway, whywaste the effort?
FireKraken: Umm...I'm not Hairball...but it sounds like a plan..

Joe wrote:

What's with all the ads you guys have? Since now you have your own domain, can't you get rid of them?

BeckerManEX: Harry is a cheapo and is trying to make money because he can't get a job. Harry does have to pay for hosting every month, because he doesn't know people in the "hosting industry" as I do.
Hairball: The ads help pay for the domain and the hosting of the site. But what's leftover is for personal use for me, to buy games and stuff...so please click on the ads so I can buy games!
Namek: Hairball is money hungry :) One of the banners helps Hairball pay me for my services at the site.
Tiger: Because Hairball is a greedy bitch. Haha. No Kidding.
FireKraken: Sure, but why get rid of free money??!

King Arthur wrote:

What is the air speed velocity of an inladen swallow?

BeckerManEX: What continent is the swallow from?
Hairball: You'll have to find one and test the speed for yourself.
Namek: I think you will find that the answer lies in the great land of aupernovejeghtyresterdeg.
Tiger: 10 mph. I dunno. Where's the Mario part in this question?
FireKraken: African or European?

"ur man" wrote:

i Say ur a odd site is mario a person in super smash bthroers u have a cool sitae in mario64 can u do peach or yoshie i heard that when ur don they as do u is that true?

BeckerManEX: I cannot udresantd ouyr qeuston.
Hairball: Yes, Mario is in SSB, and that's the only thing I get in your weird question.
Namek: I'll take that as a compliment.
Tiger: i Say ur a odd person is you a person in super smash bthroers u peach or yoshie i heard that when ur don they do as u. Is that false?
FireKraken: I know say don't blah.

Luke wrote:

What is behind the 30 star door?

BeckerManEX: Open it to see.
Hairball: Course 9, Dire Dire Docks and Bowser in the Fire Sea are behind the 30 star door.
Namek: Check out the strategy Guide.
Tiger: 30 Stars?
FireKraken: More stars...

MadDog wrote:

Do you have any info on the upcumming mario game for the dolphin??

BeckerManEX: Spelling "coming" that way will only get you into trouble, but no we don't have any information about the new Mario game for Dolphin, but once E3 rolls around, I'm sure we will.
Hairball: There isn't much info known on it yet, except that the Dolphin and the Game Boy Advance have been delayed until 3rd Quarter 2001.
Namek: Is it me, or does this edition of the emailbag suck? I guess it's just me. oh well. I don't have any info on it.
Tiger: Yes, we have psychics who work exculsively for SM64C to predict what has not been mentioned before.
FireKraken: Not I.