E-Mailbag for February 19, 2000

Chao_Chao wrote:

Hello, First off, Nice Site. Second, My friend and I are in a heated bet: Who has the right to the stuff thatw as in SMRPG (I.e. Geno, Mallow, Smithy, Ninbus Town, ect. Stuff that wasn't in any Mario game...) Square Soft or Nintendo? I say it's Square Soft since they did most of the work on the game, but my friend says that Nintendo does. Who's right? Third: That gay dork about opening doors with Mario... uhh man-hood... needs SERIOUS help. I think he's been hanging out in one too many sex chat rooms, don't you think so? Fourth: (I am sorry, I have so many questions) Do you think Mario like peach or Daisy better? I mean, how can he have time for 2 women? Thanks!-'Chao_Chao'

BeckerManEX: Thanks for liking the site so much, we try! To answer your first question, Squaresoft was only the developer of the game, and all of the elements of the game are property of Nintendo. All of the characters are property of the publisher, in most cases this holds true, but not all. Yes our little, lets open the door with our "wanker", "friend" needs help. Peach.
Hairball: First, thanks for the compliment. Second, I don't have, and haven't played much of Super Mario RPG, I am not sure of the answer but think Square did most of the work in the game, Nintendo was the the publisher and since Nintendo owns the right to the Mario games I suppose Nintendo owns the stuff that is in SMRPG. Third, I get tons of lame e-mails from people, but every e-mailbag 1 or 2 stupid e-mails will be posted. Fourth, Daisy hasn't appeared in any game since Super Mario Land, so I wouldassume Mario likes Peach more...but who knows...
Namek: 1: Thanx. You may think that Hairball owns it so he's done the most work, but that's not true. He's lazy. I do all the work around here :) 2: I would think nintendo still has the rights since there coming out with Super Mario Adventure, but I don't really know. 3: yes. Gay like Solar. j/k 4: Isn't that the same person? Maybe Luigi has sex with peach.
SolarGamer: First: Thank You very much Second: That is a tough question...but I would have to say Nintendo. Nintendo is VERY protective over rights and they wouldn't have given Square Soft the rights, if Nintendo didn't have a strong hold on the copyrights. Third: Well, what can we say about people...Some weirdo's have strange fetishes. Right Harry?
FireKraken: Too...manny.....questions....overload....overload...overload...

Titi wrote:

Why is there only Mario and Luigi(2 players)Why not more?

BeckerManEX: I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but if you mean that why are the Mario games only two players, because only up till 2 years ago there were only 2 controller ports on the front of systems. With Dolphin, maybe we will see 8 or more players with internet capabilities.
Hairball: Mario and Luigi are brothers so you can say that there are only 2 players. There are TWO Mario brothers, Mario and Luigi, isn't that simple?
Namek: Cause Nintendo is lazy.
SolarGamer: Well, I am not "game designer" so I am not really the man to ask. The reason is probably because Nintendo knows better. Look at Donkey Kong 64, that whole 5 character situation was horrible, and highly reptetive. 2 is just fine, thank you.
FireKraken: Uhh..because they are brothers?

Link wrote:

Is it true that Super Mario 2 will come on N64?

BeckerManEX: It hasn't been disproven, but I seriously doubt it. I would much rather have a brand new game to launch with Dolphin than another game on N64. Sorry to say, but N64 day's are numbered.
Hairball: It might, it might not. But with Dolphin probably not coming out this year it seems like a possibility.
Namek: Yes, I like pony's.
SolarGamer: Super Mario 2 WILL NOT be on the N64. I am not so sure about Super Mario 64 2 though, (but it most likely won't).
FireKraken: I doubt it.

Pikachu wrote:

dear sm64c, i think you should have history of super mario. If he is so famous I think you should go back to the to the birth of mario and work your way to the present day or even the future of mario. If this site is named after him you should do this it should make the site better.from Pikachu

BeckerManEX: I do believe we have that in our features section. That is what that nav menu to the left is all about =).
Hairball: There is a "history" of Mario article written here. It's called "Introduction to Mario" and it's in the Specials.
Namek: I think I'll write one. I don't want to get fired.
SolarGamer: If any bothered to read my King Bowser Koopa Biography, you could see the similar idea with him. I could always write a Mario Bio...
FireKraken: That sounds like a good idea!! Lemme just type it up on my invisible typewriter.

Steve Brown wrote:

Did you ever realize how much donkey kond immatates mario world? I mean come on, the stars are bannanas, the princess is the king,coins are little banannas,they both have warps, that seems like a lot in common if you ask me. also i have a question about level six, what is the "amazing exit" what is it? just to leave the maze?

BeckerManEX: The amazing exit of the maze lets you get to a star. As for Donkey Kong being similar to Mario's world, I think you have to remember that it is really just a different part of the same world, as we have seen for ourselves that Mario and Donkey live in the same world, remember the original Donkey Kong?
Hairball: Yes, the DK games seem to be "based" off the Mario games. But mainly, the Donkey Kong games fall in the same genre as the Mario games, so you see that's why the games are fairly similar.
Namek: No Comment. I despise all Donkey Kong 64 Games.
SolarGamer: Donkey Kong 64 doesn't immatate Super Mario World...but it does "steal" the same concept from Super Mario 64. Donkey Kong Country...NOW that was a good DK game!
FireKraken: Here you bad mouth DK64 and Mario64 and now you want help? Just ask yourself, "What would Mario in Mario 64 do?"

Game Master 64 wrote:

I just wanted to repay you for sending me all those fake forms and sh*t!hehe...

BeckerManEX: Well thanks, make a check payable to Erich J. Becker at 601...er..I better not give out my address.
Hairball: Hurray! That's very smart of you...
Namek: Indeed.
SolarGamer: Your welcome...no your not! Ok you are...then again no...but since you put it that way....whatever.
FireKraken: Hey I know you...Aren't you the guy that..no wait...maybe you..hmm..what's the word?...ah yes...suck.

Demon wrote:

You guys think Nintendo will never rid the world of Mario? What do you fraks think they're doing with Pokemon right now? In my last letter, it was obvious you guys wanted Pokemon to be on top, so as a loyal Nintendo fan who likes Mario, Link, Samus, and all the others EXCEPT for the rat, I will say this one final time: Pokemon SUCKS, is for BABIES, and causes murder, fights, raping, arguments, and even a sex incident! And everyone who likes Pokemon sucks too.

BeckerManEX: Well all those things you listed can be caused by anything. Remember it is all one big happy company. I personally and not a PokeFreak (or Frak in your language). I like to watch the cartoon sometimes (yes I know I'm 17) and play the game when I go on a long road trip. I am not out there spending hundreds of dollars for cards, or having my mom attach other mom's to get toys (I work at Wal-Mart, and saw this happen).
Hairball: No, Mario is Nintendo's most successful franchise, if it wasn't for Mario, Nintendo would be no where right now. Yes, Pokemon may not appeal to some people, like you, but many people still like Pokemon a lot. It's true that Pokemon has also caused a lot of controversy but that's what happens when there's a hyped thing around. One more thing, wouldn't "raping" be a sex incident? It seems like you don't have your arguments straight.
Namek: I will also say this one final time too: Pokemon SUCKS, is for BABIES, and causes murder, fights, raping, arguments, and even a sex incident! And everyone who likes Pokemon sucks too.
SolarGamer: Well, I like the GAME Pokemon: I think it is a good GAME...but that is all. There is no way that "rat" will replace Mario...so stop getting your panties in a tuffle.
FireKraken: You did WHAT with a rat? In all actuallity I think YOU are the frak.

Spikes0609 wrote:

Hey, nice site. Anyways, is there a way to get Metal Mario in Super Smash Brothers. I heard this rumor around my school, and I wanna know if it's true =)

BeckerManEX: Hmmm...not having played SSB too much I really wouldn't know, Brian?
Hairball: No it is not possible to play as Metal Mario in Super Smash Bros.
Namek: Yeah. I think so.
SolarGamer: Have no idea if you can get Metal Mario in SSB...all I know is that you battle him ;). Sorry I couldn't be more help.
FireKraken: Sorry to break it to ya..but most on campus rumors are false. And this one just happens to be.

Zakatak wrote:

I have two questions. One is, what does the X stand for in PSX? Why don't they just have PS as the abbreviation for Playstation? And my other question is, when is Playstation 2 gonna come out? I heard it was gonna come out in fall, but then I heard it was changed to summer. Thank you for your time.

BeckerManEX: The X stands for suX in my opinion. Man after sitting on the loading screen for like a year waiting for a game to load, I found out that it really does suck. Man look you can see the pixels, yuck. PS2 is released March 4th in Japan and Fall 2000 here in the good old US of A.
Hairball: The Playstation was originally called "Playstation X", so that's where the X came from, but they decided to just call it "Playstation" but the PSX short form remained. Playstation 2 is coming out this fall I believe in the US. It should be out in Japan in the Spring or Summer, I'm not exactly sure.
Namek: It stands for Extreme. the PSX used to be called PlayStation Extreme but the name changed and all the fans still called it PSX. as you can see on any PS2 system, they took the X off.
SolarGamer: Have no idea, have no idea...have some idea, but won't say my idea. Umm, As I recall this is a Mario site, and unless something happened in the last few minutes, MARIO belongs to NINTENDO.
FireKraken: Hmm...if you look around, does it look like we give a crap about PlayStation? And to answer your first question, PSX stands for Playstation SuX.

Les wrote:

What does shooting to the blue mean on level 2 Thwomps fortres SM64?

BeckerManEX: What color is the sky?
Hairball: It's a star where you shoot using the cannon to a platform which has a star.
Namek: I have no clue.
SolarGamer: SM64C, has a Game FAQ people! Why not use it?
FireKraken: What are you talking with gum in your mouth or something? Just don't swallow that thing!

Namek wrote:

how many mario's does it take to screw in a light bulb? excluding the third mario.

BeckerManEX: I thought there was only one Mario, has Nintendo been experimenting with cloning techniques?
Hairball: It depends on what type of light bulb you're talking about...
Namek: I'd say -212.3+6(54x)-1
SolarGamer: 1...but he usually screws with the light out.
FireKraken: Third Mario?...i thought it just took one Super Mario.