E-Mailbag for February 12, 2000

CJ wrote:

would nintendo ever conciter getting rid of mario if he was not as popular?

BeckerManEX: Mario, not being popular? I don't think a media icon such as Mario would just go away after the fame he had in the 1980s where he was more recognized by younger children than Mickey Mouse. Take that Disney. Mario is to Nintendo, as a steering wheel is to your car. Without it you can go forward, but you will be all over the place.
Hairball: Nintendo would never get rid of Mario. He is the most popular and best known video game character in the world. Enough said.
Namek: Nintendo never cans anything including Mario. If anything ever gets old all they do is give it a new look. the Game Boy is a good example. it's gone from it's gray bulky exterior, to a miniature colored shell, then they placed color into the game.
TWGamer: I doubt Nintendo would get rid of Mario as he is like their 'main man' and has been their mascot for such a long time, 15 years to be precise...
FireKraken: There is no way that Nintendo would forsake Mario.

Tanaka wrote:

Nice Web! Haven't seen some of these Web's in a long time.Some Web are nothing but this one is great!

BeckerManEX: I'm glad this web is good. Just to make it clear I think you were trying to say Web Site.
Hairball: Thanks for the compliment, but around here we call them "websites".
Namek: If you would like to see an even cooler web, goto www.spiderman.com!
TWGamer: I suppose to this 'Web Site' - I'm sure Hairball will appreciate your compliment. :)
FireKraken: What, do I look like a spider to you?

Smash Brothers King wrote:

First of all FireKraken and TigerMauil never answer any of the questions! So here is my question I'll make it brief, is Shigeru Myamato working on Super Mairo RPG 2?

BeckerManEX: Super Mario Adventure (formally called Super Mario RPG 2) is being overseen by the master himself. As for TigerMaul and FireKraken, don't worry about them. FireKraken has a limited vocabulary since a traumatic accident in 8th Grade English.
Hairball: Yes, Super Mario Adventure (formerly Super Mario RPG 2) is being worked on, it should come out this year.
Namek: It's called Super Mario Adventure and was suppose to be released this year, but Nintendo has been slacking off again and won't be released for awhile.
TWGamer: Well, you'll have to have it out with FireKraken & Tiger on your first point; but SMRPG2 has been re-named to 'Super Mario Adventure', and to be frank, i'm not sure if Shiguru Miyamoto is working on it. It looks like a Yoshi's Story-type game. As we always say, time will tell.

Luigim64 wrote:

will the mario game for dolphin be a 2 player game

BeckerManEX: I see 2 players if not more. Seeing as how they wanted to include a two player mode into SM64, but later had to cut it, I think for sure the next Mario game on Dolphin will be two or more players.
Hairball: The new Mario game for Dolphin will probably be a 2 player game.
Namek: We can only hope. That stupid PS2.
TWGamer: There has been no real proof about that, but it is highly likely that there will be some kind of battle (like DK64) or a co-operative mode.
FireKraken: I hope so!

Demon wrote:

I can't believe you guys like Pokemon! Nintendo is trying get Pokemon into Mario's spot even after they've taken the heat for the crap Pokemon caused! Nintendo is acting like Capcom, people! In Capcom's case, they've made Resident Evil(Or should I say Resident GAYvil!) the top franchise there, while making their REAL star Mega Man an outcast! And if Nintendo does that to Mario, then they will be getting A LOT of complaints from FORMER fans(me included!) who are sick of Pokemon! Nintendo didn't even MAKE Pokemon, they bought it from Game Freak! But it's obivious PokGAYmon fans don't know that since they are uneducated fools who believe everything that RAT Pikachu says!(and frankly, he doesn't say anything!)

BeckerManEX: Let me just say that Mega Man sucks, and Resident Evil is the only decent thing to come out of Capcom in a long time. Seeing how MegaMan Legends sucked and tanked in the sales department, and that Resident Evil is one of the top money making franchises in the history of video games, it is safe to say that we will be seeing many more RE games and less MM games. As for Pokemon, it rocks face it. With someone who uses the word Gay too much, could your subconsious be trying to tell you something?
Hairball: Haha, nice work putting the "GAY" in. Personally I kinda like Pokemon but not much, but personally I find that Nintendo is basically just taking bad games and putting Pokemon in them, and then making tons of money. Just because we like Pokemon, it doesn't mean we'll turn this place into a Pokemon site, there are a hell lot of other Nintendo franchises too like Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and so on. Please don't hate me for liking the other games.
Namek: I never said I liked Pokemon. I hate it. You won't see me caught dead wee anything Pokemon. Mario is a pretty cool mascot but Mario becoming a little to childish. As for Resident Evil, I hate it. Only cool about it is blowing the zombies heads off. I tgets boring after the first 10 min. Now Mega Man, on the other hand, is one of the greatest games off all time. I love all the MM games, even the Mega Man Legends game for PSX that didn't get allot of high scores from any reviews I've read.
TWGamer: Well, Pokemon, in my opinion is not crap, it is a very good game; with millions of fans over the world, the same as Mario has millions of fans. Mario is as popular as he ever has been. I've never played any of the Mega Man games, but I'm sure, (unless they did badly with the franchise) they would not forget about a character with fans. Oh, and Pikachu is not a rat (you made a slight mistake there)
FireKraken: Hey you jerk!! You seem to be a quick one to me, so I won't hit ya too hard....Pokemon is the greatest Game Boy game (besides Zelda) and it's not trying to beat out Mario! If you made something good you wouldn't just forget about it would you?? Also, Capcom made a VERY popular series called STREET FIGHTER!! If you forget Street Fighter then I have no reason to talk to you.

John Stone wrote:

I need to know the TOTAL ammount of coins that are obtainable on EVERY level of Super Mario 64, please could you let meknow thanks.

BeckerManEX: If you sit there and count every single one, you need to get a better hobby, because you have way too much free time on your hands.
Hairball: Getting every single coin in Super Mario 64 does not matter, nothing happens. Just make sure you get 100 coins in each level so you get a star.
Namek: I wonder how much those coins are worth.
TWGamer: I don't know precisely - but there are usually over 110.
FireKraken: FireKraken: There are things called strategy guides for the weak...and I'm glad you didn't turn to one! But I personally couldn't tell ya..

Luigim64 wrote:

where's the code to make mario do peach in sm64

BeckerManEX: You have to find the secret porn room, enter it, and give Peach's pimp $50 and your in, and I do mean IN.
Hairball: It depends on what Mario wants to "do" to Peach.
Namek: I can only imagine what you mean by "DO" peach. but if you really wanna know, there is none. You should try looking for pics on the internet, someones bound to have some.
TWGamer: If you mean rescue Peach, find 70 stars and beat Bowser; but if you mean the other, more rude way.. let's not talk about that now.
FireKraken: First of all, LAMER, there are NO codes for Mario64. Secondly, there are no codes, ESPECIALLY for that!!!

Debbie Rice wrote:

I am looking for a older Mario game for the Nintendo 64. It is just called Mario. Most places that I have tried to find it tell me that no one carries it because it is older, it this true? If so, can it be ordered.

BeckerManEX: Well the oldest Mario game for the 64 would be Super Mario 64, and most stores till carry it. I work at Wal*Mart and we have the game in stock at all times, and still sell quite a few. Just keep looking around. Check used stores and online stores and auctions.
Hairball: The oldest game for the N64 is Super Mario 64. You can find it almost everywhere.
Namek: WTF? There's no game called Mario on N64. only on NES. That game sux anyways.
TWGamer: Afraid not, Super Mario 64 is the oldest Mario game for the N64. There are older ones on the Super NES, though - like Super Mario World, Mario Kart and SMW2.
FireKraken: Unless you are talking about Mario 64, there is no such thing.

Kcbrown5 wrote:

Hi, I need help with finding the last castle secret star. I have 14 and all the stars in the different worlds. I'm in a race with my children to reach the end of this game and I've been stumped for about 4 months. I'm not sure how difficult it would be for someone to list where they all are, because I cannot recall where I have located the ones I have found. But, if you can be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

BeckerManEX: The two stars that are missed the most by people playing are these ones. You have to get all 8 red coins on the Red Switch stage (by looking into the sun in the castle lobby). The one that I missed, and had to look for is the one off in one of the two cubby holes in the Tick Tock Clock room. One of them will transport you World 15 and the other one takes you inot the clouds above the castle. Collect all the red coins and you got yourself a star. If you have those, then maybe you didn't get the second star on Peach's Slide. Hope I was of some help to you.
Hairball: Try looking at a place like www.gamefaqs.com for help on the secret stars, I can't help you on which stars you are missing. Usually the star missed is the one on the Princess's Secret Slide, you get another star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds.
Namek: LOL. You COULD check our Game FAQ on mario to see where there at, but you probably be better off looking at www.gamefaqs.com.
TWGamer: Usually people miss the one which is completing the Princess' secret slide in under 20 seconds - but you may already have that one. Also try the secret aquarium and talking to the Toads on the upper floors of the castle.
FireKraken: I have a new role model...a PARENT who plays video games?! Is there any way I could be your son?

Gerado wrote:

Why aren't there Mario's gadgets in Italy.I am Italian and I love Mario

BeckerManEX: Hmm..considering I reside in SouthWestern America I would really have no idea about any of the happenings in Italy. My best guess would be for you to contact Nintendo of Europe, based in Germany, and ask them.
Hairball: Gadgets? I'm not sure what kind of Mario gadgets there are in Italy, try looking at your local stores or something like that.
Namek: Hmmmmmmm...
TWGamer: I have to say I don't know, even though I live in Europe.
FireKraken: Gadgets?...well I'm stumped...

Jason wrote:

I heard at school that there is some way to make Mario open doors with his penis. Is this true?

BeckerManEX: Yet again, WHY!? would you WANT to SEE THIS?!? I think whoever told you this has smashed his brain as well as his penis in a door, and wants you to feel the same pain as he does for his stupidity.
Hairball: Maybe, but how can he get a good grip on the doorknob? Point said, and I'm afraid you seem to be gay...
Namek: See above.
TWGamer: Oh, YES there is! well maybe NOT! Why do you have to ask these pathetic peverse questions?? And, why would he need to do that most doors have things called 'doorknobs' that you turn to open the doors. Doing what you said may hurt a bit, too...
FireKraken: I think Jason is a bad name for you...why not Angela or Jennifer or Rachel...you just don't seem like the manly type to me...