E-Mailbag for January 29, 2000

Dinobot743 wrote:

Hi, I was just wondering if Super Mario Adventure (Mario RPG 2) is coming to the America. Even thow the game looks terrible, I would still like to play it. Also is there a Super Smash Bros.2 game being made?

BeckerManEX: Super Mario Adventure will most likely make it state-side, but I don't know if we really want it. It is a Mario game and it might be nice, but I was looking for something a little more grown up when they announced they were doing a sequel to the game. As for SSB2 I am almost certain that Nintendo is working on it. They recently had a poll up on their site asking what characters we would like to se in a sequel. SSB2 is almost definite I believe.
Hairball: Super Mario Adventure is going to be coming out here in 2000 or 2001. There isn't really any specific date yet. And there are rumours that a SSB2 might be in the works. Although there isn't much you can have in the second game.
SolarGamer: Of course Super Mario Adventure is coming to America. The big N wouldn't pass up a game like that for America. Considering SMRPG did so well, you can be 100% sure SMA will be in North America. As far as Super Smash Bros. 2...While not confirmed there is almost no chance of it NOT being made. I am so certian because the Offical Nintendo site (nintendo.com) even put a poll awhile back asking which character you would like to see on SSB2.
Tiger: "Super Mario Adventure?" Never heard of it. With the success of Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo is probably making another one as we speak.
FireKraken: I don't think SMRPG2 is gonna come to America, and i think I heard that plans for SSB2 were being discussed.

Spark wrote:

Hey is there a way to make mario in Super Smash Bros. to stay big when you press the L button and also control him.

BeckerManEX: I haven't really played Super Smash Bros. that much, anyone here have an answer.
Hairball: No there is no way to keep Mario big.
SolarGamer: I am not the expert in SSB so I honestly have no idea. You migh want to check out the offical web-site at supersmashbros.com.
Tiger: I don't have (please don't kill me!) a N64, so I have no idea.
FireKraken: No.

Peachy2000 wrote:

i herd that at da end of sm64 maroi and peach have a gay kid. is this true?

BeckerManEX: You know what, besides from your grammer and spelling being less than spectacular, you truly are an idiot.
Hairball: Uhhh...well at the end Mario only gets that cake Peach promised.
SolarGamer: Yes it is 100% true. The gay kid at the end of SM64 is named PEACHY2000.
Tiger: yes, i herd that yer brian fri latur.
FireKraken: Why don't you play the game and tell ME?

Luigim64 wrote:

can you play as luigi and ride yoshi on the mario game for dolphin

BeckerManEX: I'm almost certain that those options will be included after many gamers spoke up after only getting to talk with Yoshi, and never even seeing Luigi in SM64.
Hairball: It has been confirmed that the next Mario game (on N64 or Dolphin or whatever) will have Luigi as a playble character. But riding on Yoshi is another story...
SolarGamer: Little is known about the Super Mario game for the next gen console codenamed "Dolphin". But from an interview with Miyamoto he stated that Luigi would be a playable character this time. I am not so sure about Yoshi though.
Tiger: Dolphin doesnt have a release date yet!
FireKraken: I...don't know.

Bob wrote:

I have no question, just that your site sucks, and I want to spit all over it!

BeckerManEX: I hope you have some Windex to get all your mucus off of your moniter.
Hairball: Yeah feel free to spit, we don't mind. :)
SolarGamer: Thank you. Bob you sound like a real "smart" guy. Be my guest and spit at the image of our site on your comp...while your at it piss on your comp as well. ]:-)>
Tiger: No question? Not following rules? *tsk* *tsk*
FireKraken: OK, let's see your webpage then...I thought not!

CB wrote:

I really really really really really really want to know if there are any codes super mario 64

BeckerManEX: No codes, only tricks.
Hairball: If you were really really really really really bright you could've noticed we have a "Game Help" section with cheats and codes.
SolarGamer: While there is no programmed codes in SM64. You can buy a Game Shark and cheat...and also have a chance at screwing up your game pak.
Tiger: Notice there is a "codes" section in this site. Find it. Now.
FireKraken: OK, let's see your webpage then...I thought not!

CatherineD50 wrote:


BeckerManEX: Buy it, and I don't own it anymore.
Hairball: Put it in your N64 (or whatever system) and switch the power on. Make sure that the outlet is plugged in and.....oh never mind.
Tiger: Which game do you mean? You buy most games at a video game store, and no, SM64C will not give out free copies of video games unless it is a contest or something of the like.
FireKraken: Ummm....yes and no...????

Hank Wall wrote:

When will Super Mario 64 2 come out? And what is the game ganre, type(one player or 2), who will be controlled in adventure mode? Will it need expasion pak like DK 64? Where can I get one(mario 64 2)?

BeckerManEX: Super Mario 64 2 is not coming out, it has been canceled as far as I am concerned. The rest of your questions will not need to be answered. With Dolphin coming out in Late 2000 or Early 2001 I believe that all work has gone over to the new Dolphin Mario game and allresources and ideas have been transfered over to that.
Hairball: I'm really not sure if Super Mario 64 2 will be on the N64 or Dolphin. Who knows. But if there is one it'll probably be the same type of game as Super Mario 64. And Luigi is also a playablecharacter...if the game ever does come out.
SolarGamer: Super Mario 64 2 will most likely never come out. To take it's place will be a new Mario game for the new system Nintendo has in developement. As I said before, little is known about the new SM game...as little is known about the new Nintendo console.
Tiger: There has been no word on a Super Mario 64 2 yet. No specific details as of yet.
FireKraken: I don't think Sm64-2 is coming out for the Nintendo 64. Wait for the Dolphin.

Beaver wrote:

in super mario 64 what do the stomps do when you stomp them

BeckerManEX: If you are talking about the big blue guys, nothing. If you are talking about the slabs of concrete with a band-aid on them, they go BOOM!
Hairball: The stomps are meant for stomping...or maybe something else too...
SolarGamer: Sorry I have no idea what a "stomp" does when you stomp them...perhaps they die.
Tiger: I have no clue. I don't have SM64.
FireKraken: Umm...stomp you back?...(I'm not good at riddles)

Namek wrote:

Yo HB. I dunno if your getting this but if ya do, i've been grounded for a month and won't be back for at least 2 weeks. don't fire me or anything.

BeckerManEX: Haha, wait you actually worked here? That's news to me. J/K Namek.
Hairball: Sure thing Namek, just get "ungrounded" quickly as we're awaiting your work. We miss you, NOT!
SolarGamer: Haha, what a dork. Namek gets grounded from going on the comp. Did you your mom catch you having sticky hands ;). By the way...as Assistant Webmaster, I Fire YOU. j/k
Tiger: HaHaHa! Points and laughs at Namek!
FireKraken: LOL!!! What a LAMER!! He got grounded from his computer!!!!

Helllo wrote:

Why my Mario 64 view a half transparent half visible??

BeckerManEX: Because he is magical.
Hairball: Umm...I have no idea what you are talking about. Drooling all over your Nintendo 64 system and/or cartridges may cause malfunctions.
SolarGamer: I know not why you have half transparent half visible view. You go Enligh class? Me don't.
Tiger: Maybe it's some sort of glitch.
FireKraken: Blah, blah blahh bllahh blah bla blahh.

Rhett wrote:

I just wants to let yall know that this is the best site for Mario 64 on the net! Thanx for the pics in the FAQ's.they helprd a lot.

BeckerManEX: I glad we could help you.
Hairball: Thanks for the compliment. Now if you want to make us real happy just start clicking the ads on the pages. :)
SolarGamer: Thanks a lot. Of course this site wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the 50,000 staff members. But most importantly, this site wouldn't be possible without Hairball. Have a dollar Hairball, youdeserve it ;).
Tiger: And the question is...?
FireKraken: Thanks!! You know what else would help?..Grammer and Typing classes.

Dan Wuz Here!!! wrote:

Dan Wuz Here!!!!

BeckerManEX: He sure was.
SolarGamer: Solar Wasn't Here!! I am not here reading this!! I don't exsist!!
Tiger: Tiger Wuz Here!!!!
FireKraken: Umm...he sure was.

2 Face wrote:

How do I make Mario pick his ass in SM64C?

BeckerManEX: The scary thing is why would you want to see this?
Hairball: Here at Super Mario 64 Central we do not promote or condone "ass picking". We find it extremely impolite and well...it's just not a good thing to do.
SolarGamer: Hmm, toughy. What you do is dress up like Mario....get a video camera...pick your ass...then put it in the VCR and title it "Mario Picks his Ass"...show it too your friends...then have fun picking your ass with all your friends.
Tiger: First you pick his eyes, flesh tone, hair, hair color, all the good stuff, and then you pick whether you want hairy or smooth.
FireKraken: So you want to know how he does it huh?...IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW HE DOES IT!!!