E-Mailbag for January 15, 2000

Name14 wrote:

Is there more than 120 stars in Mario 64?

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: There are only 120 stars in Super Mario 64 no more no less. And you don't have to be so careful with the copyright...it's ok...
SolarGamer: Yes, there is reportedly 1200 stars in SM64. The other 1080 stars can only be obtained with Luigi.
Tiger: Look around for the answer.
FireKraken: Don't listen to SolarGamer, there is NO, I REPEAT, NO, N-O Luigi on Super Mario Bros 64.

Danny wrote:

e-mail me any codes and cheats please

BeckerManEX: See those links to the left of this text. It may be a good idea to browse around the site =)
Hairball: If you look at the Game Help section there are cheats and codes there, and besides you didn't gimme your e-mail address.
SolarGamer: Ok I will e-mail you codes and cheats. Oh, wait...No I won't.
Tiger: You know, every human was born with 2 eyes and a brain. Certainly there are exceptions (guess Hairball didn't get a brain...heh) Ok, you must have eyes at least. So if you go onto the front page...there is a "link" with what you asked for.Now if you got past that part, you at least should have specified a certain game or something...(dodo brain :P)
FireKraken: Try www.ign64.com and the links to the left.

Juno wrote:

In DK64 how do you beat the Donkey kong game?

BeckerManEX: DK64 has been one of the only games where I literally threw my controller at my control deck an started ranting off four-letter words at it. The game is so fusterating. I have not played the game in at least a week, for pissing me off. I have found a game I have missed for so long, Zelda. But, yes you do have to get to the top and rescue the girl 4 times.
Hairball: You get up to Donkey Kong 4 times from what I heard. I haven't done it yet and I'm already pissed off at DK64. I hate the game so much...it's so freaking hard and...well SM64 is just better.
SolarGamer: You avoid the barrels and make it to the top. You do that 4 times. On the third level you have to die though. ]:)>
Tiger: Even if I don't have this game, I have heard that is one of the most difficult parts of the game. If you fail, try, try again. Classicgames are usually the hardest.
FireKraken: In order to get the N64 coin, you must beat the DK arcade game once and then beat it AGAIN and it's harder the second time.....GOOD LUCK!!! (you'll need it)

Cameron wrote:

Can I play Mario Party.

BeckerManEX: Sure you can. I do have a joke to go with this, but it wouldn't be able to be posted.
Hairball: Of course you can...I think. Please remember to bring 3 or more friends to play as well...
SolarGamer: No.
Tiger: Can I say lamer?
FireKraken: ......hmmm......Goto your nearest retail store or your nearest video game rental store and ask them....I'm sure they will answer you.

Claude wrote:

My queston is how do get 121 star in Supper Maro 63.

BeckerManEX: To get the 121st star in Supper Maro 63 you must go to the cannon outside the castle. Shoot yourself onto the roof and talk to Yosh. After talking to Yosh then jump into the sky and find Doncey Flong hiding in the clouds. Talk to him and he will tell you to find Duigi, and he will give you the 121st star. Hehe....
Hairball: You get the 121st star in "Super Mario 64" by beating Bowser for the last time, it doesn't count in the total...but it "seems" like a star, a big one compared to the "regular stars". Other than that there is no real 121st star...
SolarGamer: The 121 star can only be obtained with Luigi.
Tiger: Look around and you will find the answer.
FireKraken: DAMMIT!!! Solar is messed in the head! THERE IS NO LUIGI!!!!

Toad wrote:

I can't figure out how you hold your breath in Jolly Roger Bay

BeckerManEX: Mario automatically holds his breathe.
Hairball: Just go in the water and Mario will automatically hold his breath, when his air supply runs out he will die. No we don't need to hold a funeral for him.
SolarGamer: Listen "Toad" if you don't know how to hold your breath, you are sad. You plug your nose, and then you don't breath. Simple eh?
Tiger: Look, look, look once more for answers!
FireKraken: If you don't play hide and go seek under the water you will do Mario a favor (<---notice USA!!) by not DROWNING him!!

Super Mario wrote:

What does the expansion pak for N64 do?

BeckerManEX: See Harry's response, he says it all.
Hairball: The Expansion Pak gives the N64 4 MB more RAM (random access memory) giving it a total of 8 MB of RAM. The extra RAM can be used to have larger levels and better graphics. Only games programmed to use it can take advantage of it, but the pak still runs all existing games so you don't have to change between Expansion and Jumper Paks.
SolarGamer: The "expansion pak" is purely fictional. It was made up by the media to boost their ratings.
Tiger: This nice device expands memory and thus for some games you can see better quality, faster movement, more levels, all that cool stuff. I would recommend getting one if you dont have one, or get the Donkey Kong 64 game. DK64 gives you one free since DK64 needs the expansion pak since it is such a big game.
FireKraken: I'm not going to overload you with the same looooonng response Hairball gave you...

Wallace05 wrote:

dear website i cuome hear alot and i finally got my n64 after the delay and i have super mario 64 i passed the second level and got a blue star where can i use this?

BeckerManEX: Those are just markers to let you know where the stars you have already gotten were.
Hairball: A blue transparent star means that you already got that star. Nothing will happen if you get it, other than exit the level.
SolarGamer: I "cuome" here a lot too. The "blue" star is used to get Luigi. You must collect 120 "blue" stars to get him.
Tiger: What's hearing this "cuome" about?
FireKraken: The only good a blue star is is to show what star you've gotten.

JR wrote:

How do I save the game? I don't have the instruction manual.

BeckerManEX: Again, see Hairball 64's answer below.
Hairball: To save the game in Super Mario 64 just get a star, and when you exit a level a menu will show up asking you to save. The game should save unless you have a pirated cart or something like that.
SolarGamer: To save your game in Pokemon you press start and then select SAVE. Oh, wait...what game you talking about?
Tiger: Where's the instruction manual? *tsk* *tsk* Too lazy to grab it, so ask us?
FireKraken: Umm...hit start and it shall guide you.

hennie wrote:

hi there where do i get sm64 the game i mean can any body help me

BeckerManEX: Go to any website that sells games, EB-World or Gamestop, and order the game. Or go to your local retail store and buy the game for a MSRP of $39.99.
Hairball: Go to your local video game store such as Wal-Mart or EB, go to the cashier ask them to get you the game, pay for it, and there you have Super Mario 64.
SolarGamer: Your local super market.
Tiger: Go to a video game store, or even a regular store like Target that may have a video game section. Just look around, press your face in the glass, and ask for the game. Buy it, and it's cheaper now since it's an old game, and wha-la. You are now the owner of SM64.
FireKraken: You know you COULD just bum it offa your friends for a while......

Alakazam wrote:

On Super Smash Bros. how do I get the Mushroom Kingdom?

BeckerManEX: Beat the game with the original characters.
Hairball: You can't get our rival site in SSB, oh wait...Beat the game using all 8 original characters and you will open up the Mushroom Kingdom level.
SolarGamer: Super Smash Bros. ? What's a S-m-a-s-h B-r-o-t-h-e-r?
Tiger: Blah, blah, blah.
FireKraken: I believe you havta beat the game with all 12 characters on normal difficulty with 3 lives not using a continue. But I'm not 100% sure....just about 90%.

Nolan wrote:

In level 4, Cool-Cool Mountain, at the end of the race there is a tunnel or some kind of chute right above the exit of the race. If you turn around at the end of the race you will see it. How do i get up there or can't u at all?

BeckerManEX: The Penguin may not like you going in there, but you do get a one-up and can always race the Penguin again to get the star.
Hairball: To get there when you go down the slide take the short cut. It's a wall you can go through in the 2nd turn where the big snow pile is. Go down the short cut and you will get there. There's only a 1-up there. If you take the shortcut while racing the penguin you won't get the star because it's cheating!
SolarGamer: That can only be obtained by doing the Super Ultra Mega Jump...with Luigi!
Tiger: Look above.

Luigim64 wrote:

why isn't there any sm64 screenshots on any of your game and watch gallerys

BeckerManEX: Game and Watch and Mario 64 are two different games.
Hairball: Because SM64 is not a Game and Watch game.
SolarGamer: Umm what the hell are yo talking about?
Tiger: This question can be dissected into many different meanings. First, if you mean Mario Bros., I think Hairball is in charge of this stuff. Now if you mean Super Mario 64, think again. (dodo brain... :P)
FireKraken: You put your right hand in, you put your left....uhh...opps...mind kinda wandered.....

Harold wrote:

I think peach is hot, what about you?

BeckerManEX: Sure if you like a girl made out of polygons and dithered pixels, be my guest. I do think she is taken however, better talk to Mario.
Hairball: I suppose you can assume Peach is hot. But if you play some other games and watch more TV and movies you'll notice that there are a lot more hotter girls...and get a girlfriend while you're at it...
SolarGamer: Peach is hot. I remember when Nintendo was a "porn comapny"...Mario Does the Mushroom Kingdom, was the movie. I saw Peach do things I thought weren't possible with the human body. She could bake a cake with me any time ;-).
Tiger: Hmmm...being the only female in this bunch of idiots, I think I have this urge to start bashing you with negative brutal "hate-men" comments. Now if you actually a girl....uhhmm...I decline to answer this question.
FireKraken: I dunno...I think I'd rather go for the flesh and blood if ya know what I'm sayin'....But I'm not going to go into my big Tomb Raider issue.....grr