E-Mailbag for December 18, 1999

Jay wrote:

I wanted to know if there were any button codes for Super Mario 64? Like say you first start the game, is there any code to press in then to get for instance unlimited lives?

BeckerManEX: Sorry no codes for this one. You can get a whole lot of lives by visiting your super pal Yoshi, upon the Princess's castle. I do think that 100+ lives will keep you from getting killed. Unless you are really bad at the game. Watch out for those gumbas!
Hairball: Super Mario 64 has no codes whatsoever. The only close way of getting codes is by using the GameShark. We here at Super Mario 64 Central do not promote or condone the GameShark because of what it could do the your game.
SolarGamer: I think the reason that there is no "codes" like that is because SM64 was a farily young game in the sense of the N64. I am sure if they could do it all over again it would have many little hindden things (and even a Luigi), but I am pretty sure the Mario (Dolphin) will cover that.
TWGamer: Like Hairball said, there are no codes for Super Mario 64. Only Gameshark or Cheat Cartridge codes will do that, but you can get 99 lives by talking to Yoshi after you have 120 stars on the roof of the castle using the cannon.
FireKraken: There are no button codes for Mario 64, there are no beat-the-game codes of Mario 64, there are NO codes for mario 64. Whenwill you people get that through your heads?

Julia wrote:

Hello! Is Wario Mario's friend? Where are other sites of Mario's pictures and games?

BeckerManEX: Wario is in fact related to Luigi and Mario somehow. I do believe it is an evil cousin or something along those lines. Anyway he is evil, but sure fun to nail with turtle shells on Mario Kart.
Hairball: If Wario was Mario's friend then why would he steal Mario's castle in Super Mario Land 2? So I would say no to that. There aren't many sites with Mario pictures. Try SMBHQ, The Mushroom Kingdom, or the Specials here at SM64C!
SolarGamer: Yes!! I it is a very little known fact that Wario and Mario are the best of friends. They grew up together in a town called Fungi Sqaure. Wario and Mario were close, one was always picking flowers for the other and singing songs of "sunshine" and "lollipops". About that whole castle situation...that was really Wario's twin brother named Wario (pronounced different).
TWGamer: Wario (I think) is Mario's twin brother, but they are definitely not friends. You can get pics of games at the N64 section of Nintendo Power Source, or as Hairball said, SMBHQ or The Mushroom Kingdom
FireKraken: As I heard it (may not be true) Wario was the "genetic clone" of Mario. The Evil Twin.

Scott Masson wrote:

Where can i get ROMS?

BeckerManEX: ROMS can be found on webservers that don't have restrictions on what content the hosted sites can have. If you are that desperate for ROMS go to any search engine and type in "Roms+SNES" and see what happens. You can change SNES to any other system.
Hairball: We do not promote the use or distribution of "ROMs" or illegal copies of video games here at SM64C.
SolarGamer: At your local super market.
TWGamer: ROMs are illegal ways to get games, and I do not agree with them, but if you really want them there are some links to ROM sites, but not ROMs themselves.
FireKraken: ROMS are BAD! Nintendo has sued all of the people that make ROMS because there is a little thing called a COPYRIGHT that they came up with.

Elaine and Al Dick wrote:

N64 Express sucks. it has nothing in it and hasn't been updated for months. if you are going to run a N64 site, do it with some respect for your viewers...

BeckerManEX: Nintendo 64 Express was at one time a sub-site of the upcoming Gaming Extremist Online, but I let the site go, and Harry gave it to Scott. I do agree that something needs to be done with it. Anyway, I don't run it anymore, and as far as I'm concerned that site is no longer my worry.
Hairball: Yes I kinda think that too. I used to run N64 Express but I don't now. I sold it to Scott for the mere price of $0.00 or gave it to him for free.
SolarGamer: Wait a second N64 Express doesn't suck.....Oh wait, nevermind, it does.
TWGamer: I have no associations with N64 Express, but it's a bit plain compared to better N64 sites.
FireKraken: Umm...Yeah!

Matthew wrote:

How do you get battle royel mode on super smash brothers

BeckerManEX: Simple. 1)Obtain 3 friends and 3 controllers. 2)Plug in controllers turn on game. 3)Watch the cool intro, select VS. Mode, select characters. Be Merry.
Hairball: I dunno what you are talking about by Battle Royal mode. But if you have two or more controllers you can have a VS mode. All you have to go is choose the VS mode on the menu, select what type of VS game, select your characters, select your level, and go beat up your friends!
SolarGamer: Don't bother with Royal Mode...Go with Super Ultra Mega Big Huge Magical Mode. *that was tottally out of my head...ignore this and read Hairballs comment*
TWGamer: There is no Battle Royal mode in Super Smash Bros., but the nearest thing you mean is the VS. Mode, like Hairball said.
FireKraken: There is no battle royal mode on Super Smash Bros. It is called Free For All.

Hans Goh wrote:

I hope your company can produce the Mario Brothers/Super Mario games for Playstation too.

BeckerManEX: Hahaha Nintendo characters on a Sony system, what's next Rare developing for Microsoft. Also look for the Legend of Zelda on Dreamcast next Christmas. Link's first venture into the 128 bit world. Sigh.
Hairball: Just too get this straight, we are not Nintendo. But anyway the Mario series is exclusive to Nintendo. That means that you won't see Mario games on the Sony PlayStation, unless Nintendo some how works out some really weird deal with Sony, which probably won't happen. But Sony's doing a good job at "borrowing" ideas from Nintendo. So far we've seen Crash Team Racing (which looks hell like Diddy Kong Racing), and this other Pokemon clone which I forgot the name of.
SolarGamer: OUR (us as in Nintendo) will take this under advisement. We (Nintendo) have already made a deal with Sony. Expect "Super Mega Ultra Mario Bros." (for the playstation) Sept. of 2005
TWGamer: SM64C are NOT Nintendo and I doubt if Nintendo would ever give out the Mario licence, like Sony wouldn't give out the Crash Bandicoot licence. If you want to ask Nintendo, go to http://www.nintendo.com
FireKraken: Lets just say....Mario don't like pixels!

Luigim64 wrote:

are they going to make a super mario bros2movie

BeckerManEX: Oh gosh I hope not, unless is a computer generated movie using a "real" script and not some pencil marks on a napkin like the last script.
Hairball: Considering how bad Nintendo did on the Mario movie there probably won't be a 2nd one. I liked the SMB movie too, but not many others did. But there will be another Pokemon movie next summer!
SolarGamer: I feel your pain Luigim64. I happen to like the SMB movie and wish they would continue it. But most likely after the big blunder in the box office that will never happen. Although, I still have hopes for maybe an animated movie. Until then, I guess we will have to watch Pokemon movies...those are deep in plot and you get to watch it in a theater crowded with excited kids, and bored parents...fun.
TWGamer: It would only be good if the movie was made in 3D like A Bugs life with the original graphics for Mario 64 a bit improved with a PROPER Mario storyline - but no hope on this.
FireKraken: I have heard nothing about a SMB2 movie....but since the first came out soooooo long ago I doubt any new SMB movies are coming outin the near century.

Crystal wrote:

looking for super mario RPG..is this an older game? is this out yet?

BeckerManEX: Try Funcoland, EB, or Babbages they should have game for a low (dirt cheap) price.
Hairball: Super Mario RPG is a Super NES game that has been released for many years. You could probably find it at some game stores. I'm not really sure if it has been re-released as a Player's Choice game. The price won't be high.
SolarGamer: Yep Super Mario RPG was released some time ago. I am sure they sell them at places like Funco Land. If you mean Super Mario RPG 2 (Super Mario Adventure), that will be released sometime Summer of 2000.
TWGamer: I never had a SNES and SMRPG was never released where I live in Europe so I don't have a clue.
FireKraken: Super Mario RPG is a good RPG game for the SNES. Nuff said.

Matthew wrote:

What are some good dolphin sites? Also, how do you get pickablu in pokemon red?

BeckerManEX: For Dolphin information look for the new gamingex (gamingex.com) opening soon. Full Dolphin coverage.
Hairball: I go to NintendoNext for Dolphin stuff. Although this isn't a Pokemon site I just wanna tell everyone this. Pikablu does not exist at all. Everyone is misinterpreting this and they think it's an evolution of Pikachu. But it isn't. What you think is "Pikablu" is actually Marill. Marill is not in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow either. But Marill will be in Pokemon Gold/Silver which will be released next year.
SolarGamer: To get pikablu you must hold your gameboy in your hands and then try and eat your ear and say "I wish there was a Pikablu" 20 times im front of a mirror and your wish will come true.
TWGamer: NintendoNext or Nintendojo.com are quite good for Dolphin stuff. 'Pikablu' is not in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow so don't ask. Wait till Gold/Silver comes out.
FireKraken: There is NO such thing as "pikablu". It is called Merill and the only reason it may be mistaken for "pikablu" is because it is also a mouse-type pokémon. But other then that, Merill is NOTHING like Pikachu. Merill is water, Pikachu is electricity. Merill:water. Pikachu:electricity.

Nidorano67 wrote:

in Bigboos haunt how do u get up to bigboo's balcany?

BeckerManEX: See below.
Hairball: You'll have to slowly crawl up the roof to get the star after defeating Boo. It's really annoying so you gotta be patient.
SolarGamer: Can't really say anything except, "Good Luck" :-)
TWGamer: Read the SM64C Super Mario 64 FAQ - It says it in there
FireKraken: Having not played Mario 64 very much at all (gasp) I could not tell you.

KHANRAD wrote:


BeckerManEX: IM GLAD YOU DO, BUT CAN YOU STOP YELLING? Send them a little email jingle, but beware you will lose any claim to the idea.
Hairball: According to Nintendo, they do not accept game ideas from people. They say they have enough ideas to last them for a long time...
SolarGamer: Nope, Nintendo doesn't accept ideas for games. They are to busy re releasing things and thinking up sequals, to actually listen to us and create original games.
TWGamer: I doubt if Nintendo would accept your ideas, as they have lots of their own but you could always try...
FireKraken: Um I doubt it.

MarioI have an idea. Why don't you have a TRIVA part on your website???? Make one! wrote:

BeckerManEX: Trivia could be something cool. Look for Trivia coming with the new Gaming Extremist Online as we have some games and other stuff to give away and the only way you will know the answer is to know basic videogaming trivia. More info as it develops.
Hairball: That's something I've been trying to decide. I just couldn't think of how I should do the trivia on the site...
SolarGamer: That sounds interesting...maybe I should think of some questions to ask you guys instead of asking us ;-).
TWGamer: Sounds quite a good Idea, but it's up to Hairball 64 to decide.
FireKraken: Trivia has always been fun.

Andy wrote:

Why was Princess Toadstool's name changed to peach?

BeckerManEX: Princess Peach Toadstool. She is a liberated lady, and now uses her first name.
Hairball: In Japan Princess Toadstool was called Peach. With the release of Super Mario 64, Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to start calling her Peach too. There's a long story to this but this is what it basically means.
SolarGamer: Yep, the Japanese People have been calling her Peach for sometime now. We just followed along. In my mind though, She shall always remain Princess Toadstool and Bowser shall always remain King Koopa.
TWGamer: I think 'Peach' is more of a casual Nickname to a complete name change.
FireKraken: Toadstool's name wasnt changed to Peach, it was changed to Toadstool. In Japan her name was originally Peach. It is just now that we decided to also.

Nicola wrote:

this is probably a really basic one but how on earth do i get over to the floating island on level 1??

BeckerManEX: Talk to that lovable Pink Bob-omb.
Hairball: Once you have the 1st star, talk to the Pink Bob-omb and he'll open up all the cannons. Just go to the cannon near the floating island and shoot yourself up there!
SolarGamer: As I told someone else "Good Luck" :-)
TWGamer: Get 1st star: 'Big Bob-omb on the Summit', talk to all the Pink Bob-ombs and they'll open up all the cannons. Shoot yourself to it!
FireKraken: uhh...yeah...what he said...

Mega Man wrote:

does this work? or does the schools P.O.S. proxy not let me at it (i can't get my e-mail from emux.net anymore...)

BeckerManEX: Ah, the beauty of cracking our schools Firewall last year. That was fun.
Hairball: Since we received it, then it works!
SolarGamer: uuuhhhhh, my cats breath smells like cat food?
TWGamer: Yeah we've got your mail so it works.
FireKraken: Um...does what work? I guess Hairball hasnt shared something with us again..

Nicola wrote:

what is the best nintendo64 game

BeckerManEX: Best Nintendo Game? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No contest.
Hairball: This is one of the questions we get the most of. The games you'll like will depend on you. I'll just give you an idea of what games I like. The games I like are Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Golf. I like Mario games a lot, and also other cartoonish games. My friends think I'mchildish, but maybe I am...
SolarGamer: Favorite games, hmm... Super Mario 64, Super Mario Kart 64, Zelda: Ocarinia of Time.
TWGamer: The Games you'll like will depend on you, but My favorite games are: Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Star Wars Ep.1 Racer, Super Smash Bros., F-Zero X and Mario Golf are all excellent too. Avoid games like Gex 3 or Cruis'n World.
FireKraken: It all depends on what genre you are talking about.

Marcin wrote:

is there any way I can make mario naked on super mario 64 by useing a cheat or anything?

BeckerManEX: If I were to answer this, there would be no polite way to say how perverse and demented this actually sounds. I found this just disturbing.
Hairball: Seriously, why would you want to see Mario naked? Are you gay or something? Super Mario 64 was rated "Everyone" by the ESRB. What would the kids think if you could make him naked? Is Nintendo some porn company? Maybe that's how they make all that money...
SolarGamer: What are you talking about Hairball? Nintendo is a porn company...remember back in the early days. My favorite Nintendo Porn is "Mario Does the Mushroom Kingdom". No wait...never mind that was something else... (you better just ignore that). Seriouly though, NO. Same goes for "Ninja Mario"...
TWGamer: Yeah _sure_ there is, make sure you have Luigi, Peach, Yoshi Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft and Sonic the Hedgehog as playable characters then press A 200,000 times - NOT!!!!!!!(uncontrollable laughter) Mario NAKED?? Why on earth would you want tosee him NAKED? are you a weirdo? Nintendo are not a PORN company!
FireKraken: I hope you are a girl...but if not I have a web page for you! www.zipit.com