E-Mailbag for August 28, 1999

Backslide wrote:

I think Mario64 is one of the most genial games ever, but do you think Mario64 2 will be as genial as Mario64 or just with better graphic? (our site ist realy cool!)

BeckerManEX: I would be happy to answer your question, but first you must explain to me what exactly "genial" means. I have not heard of that word before. Please re-submit your question and I will be happy to answer it to the best of my knowledge.
Hairball: I believe the word "genial" means "hot" as in games selling really good. So if Super Mario 64 2 comes out will it be hot? The answer to this weird question is probably "yes".
Game Master 64: I don't get what your trying to say with genial. I think that Super Mario 64 2 will be much better than the first though.
FireKraken: OK, someone needs to take a typing course!....And Mario 64-2 will probably be just as genial as the rest of the whole series. (with better graphics)
Helium: Genial?

Andywa124 wrote:

is supermario642 gonna be on dolphin or is the mario game on dolphin gonna just be another mario game and mario642 on n64

BeckerManEX: As I see it Super Mario 64 2 will not be released for the Nintendo 64. If Nintendo expects to release the new system with a lead off Mario Game, assuming they don't have one in production at the moment that we don't know about, then the game will be a Dolphin Launch title. Of course Nintendo has been know to do some crazy things in their day and they could release the sequel for the Nintendo 64 just as they are releasing Zelda: Gaiden. If it does, in fact, come out for 64 then it won't be till about mid-2000 as Nintendo's release list is alittle booked at the moment, so booked we could see a prominent game delayed to next year...
Hairball: The sequel to Super Mario 64 is probably going to be released on Nintendo's next system (Dolphin). The next Mario game that WILL be released for the N64 is Super Mario Adventure. That game is the sequel to Super Mario RPG for the Super NES. Super Mario Adventure will have a 2½-D view like the way Yoshi's Story (sequel to Yoshi's Island for SNES)is.
Game Master 64: They are going to put Super Mario 2 on the dolphin and not the 64. Nintendo always makes a new a mario game whwn they release another system. It's like a tradition and Super Mario's sequal being on the dolphin will make people want to buy it even more. I think it will look really cool!
FireKraken: I believe that Mario 64-2 is going to be on the Dolphin system.
Helium: I don't know. It could be on dolphin if nintendo makes it before scheduled release date, but I think it will be on n64.

Game Master 64 wrote:

I think pokemon is ok! I like how the pokemon look, exspecialy Charmander.

BeckerManEX: Pokemon is a great game. I am happy to say that I am a 16.5 year old High School Junior that loves those little creatures, but hey I am not the only one...right Brian...
Hairball: I don't really like the Pokemon game. But I sure do like watching the cartoon. The Pokemon in the show look really cool. And Meowth is the coolest! Hehe...
Game Master 64: Now that I read it, it sounds really stupid!
FireKraken: Yes, charmander was the Pokèmon that I picked in the beginning...but I think that this e-mail bag is for questions not comments
Helium: POKEMON DIE NOW! I used to like pokemon, then I beat the game a hundred times, then got a gameshark, and dominated the game. so DIE POKEMON. and what's the deal with the trading cards?

Tiger5913 wrote:

What's up staff, I have a couple of questions, is both Super Mario 64 ll & Super Mario Adventure going to be coming out on the new Dolphin system? And also, is it true that Dolphin probably won't be released in the US until the year 2001? P.S. note: FireKraken, AOL does NOT suck, ok?

BeckerManEX: I'm sure FireKraken will contend with that last comment but I will approach the two questions you asked. Super Mario Adventure will be coming out for the Nintendo 64. As for the sequel to Super Mario 64 I truely believe that we will not see that game for the Nintendo 64. As with 1080 2, the game will be halted and worked on for the Dolphin. As with most videogame systems a delay can almost be expect. Nintendo still says the system will be out in "late" 2000, but a more realistic date would be 2001 in my opinion.
Hairball: First off, Super Mario Adventure (which is sequel to SMRPG)will be released for the Nintendo 64. The sequel to Super Mario 64 should be released for the upcoming Dolphin system. I don't think Nintendo can whip up a new gaming system in just 2 or 3 years. So it seems right that Dolphin will be released in 2001, worldwide that is. Hey FireKraken why don't you give a reason why you think AOL sucks?
Game Master 64: Super Mario 64 is coming out on the dolphin but I'm not sure about Super Mario Adventure. It will probably be on the dolphin also. I also think AOL sucks for many reasons, but it's not my fault you or anyone else choosed it.
FireKraken: First of all...YEAH AOL DOES SUCK...and second, I have never heard of Super Mario Adventure, and I think Dolphin is coming out in 2000...the exact month or day I don't know.
Helium: Got me. Go check out someone who cares. P.S. note: Tiger5913, AOL does SUCK, ok?

Luigim64 wrote:

is there a code to get first person view because that would be fun and cool thanx by

BeckerManEX: I think you are talking about Mario 64 so I will address the question as such. There is no such code that will let you play in the first person view. The only way you can actually get into the first person view is to hit ^C (Up-C) to get to the free camera and move it around. But as for movement with the camera in first person view, no, sorry there is no code.
Hairball: Since BeckerManEX gave the info for Super Mario 64. I'll tell you that there is no first-person view in Mario Kart 64. Though it would've been cool if there had been.
Game Master 64: Buddy you didn't explain yourself. I have no idea of what game you are talking about. Next time spend a few more seconds making sure what you typed made sense.
FireKraken: What game are you talking about??!
Helium: I think that would be cool too. but alas, I am too lazy to stop sitting here typing in the mailbag to go find it.

Luigim64 wrote:

is it really coming out on n64 because other websites say its for dolphin

BeckerManEX: This time I think you are talking about Mario 64 II so I will address THIS question as such. If you were to take a glance at my previous answers to this question, I would say it is coming out for Dolphin, but with Nintendo, you never know. As it stands there is no big N64 title for next Christmas, but of course, Dolphin is suppose to be out in 2000. Makes you think....
Hairball: I think he's talking about Super Mario 64 II too. It's supposed to be coming for Dolphin. But you shouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases it for N64 if competition *cough* Playstation 2, Dreamcast *cough* gets tight Nintendo might be forced to release Super Mario 64 II or Dolphin ASAP.
Game Master 64: No, Super Mario 64 is coming out on the dolphin and that's all there is to know. If this wasn't talked about as much as it is I wouldn't have understood your question.
FireKraken: Once again...WHAT are you TALKING about??!
Helium: Is what coming out?

Da Yos Man wrote:

Is there a secret guy on mario party or is this just a rumor?

BeckerManEX: I have yet to play Mario Party very much so I can't give you any insight on this question, but from what I have heard...No there is not a secret guy in Mario Party. Sorry.
Hairball: I have fully completed Mario Party so I can tell you there are no secret characters in the game. For awhile IGN64 had some phony codes saying that Banjo is in the game. But the codes don't work and have for long disappeared...
Game Master 64: No, it's just a rumor thats all! When you hear something that doesn't sound true it's probably not.
FireKraken: Having never played Mario Party I wouldn't know....but I bet it's a rumor.
Helium: I don't know. I always use luigi. but in multiplayer mode with 2 friends and peach as the computer, she always seems to say 'YEAH!' a lot when its my turn...

Kacyn64 wrote:

Gotta Catch 'Em All! Pokemon! I love Pokemon. I can't wait till Kids WB releases the movie here in America! Gotta catch 'em all! POKEMON!

BeckerManEX: I will see the movie because I like the cartoon, but I am waiting for a DVD collection to be released as that is now my chosen format for video viewing. The movie looks great and I hope Warner Bros. can do a great job marketing the movie to more than just the hardcore Pokemon crowd, which is just about everyone under 15 in this country, then there is me, but we won't go there.
Hairball: The movie should be cool when it's in theatres this November. It should be really cool if the Pokemon movie has all the Pokemon in it. Now I wonder what Team Rocket is up to now...
Game Master 64: Ok.. Pokemon is cool, but I myself have only watched the show like 3 times.
FireKraken: Yes, Pokèmon is a fun game...but I REALLY think that kids have gotten WAY too obssessive about it!
Helium: I have seen special footage from a friend who has seen it. Seems pretty terrible.