E-Mailbag for August 6, 1999

Demon wrote:

Here are Games which I think are Get too much attention: 1. Zelda 64 2. Perfect Dark (Its not out yet but everyone wont stop talking about it!) 3. Diddy Kong Racing (Rare should learn copying sucks.) 4. Banjo-Kazooie(My point is clear.) 5. Hybrid heaven(See Perfect dark.) 6. Rugrats(I hate those stupid idiot babies!) A

Hairball: It's true these games get a lot of attention. But you have to get this point straight. Zelda 64, DKR, and Banjo-Kazooie are all great games. Just because you might not like them doesn't mean others don't either. Everyone likes different types of games. And the hype about the unreleased games makes me sick. Who cares what stuff is in it when the game isn't even out yet.
Game Master 64: Most of the games you named are very fun games. They deserve lots of attention, because they are good games!
FireKraken: Yeah those games got/get a whole load of attention. I think the only 2 games worthy of recieving that much would be Zelda 64 and Perfect Dark. All the others i think just flat out SUCK! Well maybe Hybrid Heaven...but i havnt heard to much about it (amazingly). And JEEZ, don't get me started on rugrats...

Melissa Mario Sister wrote:

I hate to be rude, but don't you think Mario is getting just a LITTLE too much attention?

BeckerManEX: If you are playing Nintendo then you need to expect to see a whole lot of Mario games and Mario propaganda. Mario is a way of life, and he is an American icon. Mario is more recongnized than most Disney characters and any other videogame character ever. I love Mario, and if you don't like all the attention he is getting then just skip over the segments promoting him.
Hairball: Yeah I know. With all the Mario games this year (Mario Party,Super Smash Bros., Mario Golf) he should be getting lots of attention.
Game Master 64: I don't think that Mario is getting to much attention. Mario was the first popular Nintendo character on NES and they keep on making games about him, because they know that people will buy them.
FireKraken: Well, it's true that he does get a lot attention....but what do you expect??! Nintendo basically founded the whole Nintendo Corperation on mario. He had 3 games on the NES, who knows how many on the SNES. And all of those games are big hits. So it's no wonder that Nintendo has decided not to forget Mario.

Matt wrote:

there is something about the penguin getting fatter when you have all the stars to me he doesn't get much fatter i thought he would take half the screen.......oh by the way this site rules because all my friends think the game sucks but it rocks

BeckerManEX: One of those cool little bonus extras that Nintendo threw in there to give you a little gift for beating what can be called the Greatest Game Ever. It doesn't really affect the game play too much, but it will keep some of the replay value up for you to go back and try to beat that cheating penguin. Which reminds me...I haven't seen him in a game recently...Super Penguin 64...hmmm. You can bet he will be in Mario's lead of title for Dolphin.
Hairball: Just start a new game or go to a saved game in your Super Mario 64 to see a real difference. The penguin does get fatter a lot. It's just not that much noticable.
Game Master 64: I couldn't tell that he was all that much fatter at first either, but I beat it again so I could see the difference.
FireKraken: Uhh....you got me....

The MAN wrote:

Why does Gaming EX suck so much?

Hairball: Well Gaming EX is okay for a site. But it doesn't really suck. I've just seen better Gaming sites out there.
Game Master 64: I shouldn't say anything since I havn't really looked at it that much.
FireKraken: Gaming EX does not suck in any way, shape, or form. It happens to be one of the most top rated gaming sites on the net. And it was rated by people who matter more then you do.

Peach wrote:

Had had something to say... But I forgot what it was...

BeckerManEX: In the words of my favorite teacher ever, "Must have been a lie!" ... ah memories remember that great year of school FireKraken.... what a great year.
Hairball: When you remember hurry and send it in to SM64C to get it answered!
Game Master 64: Don't worry that happens to every one!
FireKraken: I know your pain. But why did you send it if there wasn't anything to say?

Dazed wrote:

Hey whats up Hairball. Nice site you have made. My question is do you know where to purchase Super Mario Allstars either online or at some store? I've looked online but haven't been successful. It may be a old game for the SNES but it's a classic and it's missing from my SNES library. Also do you know how much Super Mario Allstars cost? I know it's cheap but do you know the exact price? Also don't worry about Super Mario 64 2 coming out for the N64 it will come out sometime in 2000. Mario games have been my favorite but Sonic is putting up Heavy competition. I hope you can answer my questions about Super Mario Allstars because I need to get it as soon as possible. Dazed always Blazed

BeckerManEX: Mario (64) 2 is indeed going to be a Dolphin launch title that I have hear from numerous sources. As for Super Mario All-Stars you can check out you nearest Gamers, EB, Babbages, or maybe any other used game store in your neighborhood. You can pick it up dirt-cheap.
Hairball: Super Mario All-Stars should be at most stores that sell games. SMAS is now a Player's Choice game so you should be able to find it. It should cost about $20 US dollars. And I believe that Super Mario 64 2 has probably been cancelled and is coming to the Project: Dolphin.
Game Master 64: I don't know how much SNES games cost anymore. I havn't bought one in a couple of years. I think all the good games that were going to come to 64 will be held back for when Dolphin comes out.
FireKraken: Uhh...DANG....that's a lot of typing!!!!

YoshiRiz wrote:

can you get Koopa Troopa on mario kart 64? or majikoppa? please send me these answers thank you.

BeckerManEX: Wario stole Koopa's cart. But Wario wasn't as good as Koopa was in my opinion, yet Wario kicks butt in Mario Golf...and he is funny.
Hairball: There is no way you can get Koopa Troopa and Magikoopa in Mario Kart 64. The screenshots you probably saw with Magikoopa are from beta versions of the game.
Game Master 64: I've beat the game and I can tell you that Koopa Troopa and Magikoopa are not in the game.
FireKraken: I doubt that any rumor or screenshot you see is worth believing...unless it is stated by Nintendo.

Andywa124 wrote:

when nintedo made super mario64 why did they program yoshi to not be rode on

BeckerManEX: Nintendo didn't program Yoshi to be ridden on for the same reason Luigi wasn't programmed into the game, time. There was suppose to be a two player co-op mode but EAD ran out of time and took the option out, I feel it is the same for the Yoshi feature.
Hairball: Nintendo probably didn't do it for a couple of reasons. First, due to space limitations of the game they were not able to put make him ridable. Second, the game would have a completely different storyline you can ride Yoshi thoughout the level and change the game completely.
Game Master 64: The game would have been a lot more fun with Yoshi, but I couldn't imagine the game with Mario riding Yoshi around. They didn't have the expansion pack when they made it and that may explain why Yoshi wasn't included in it.
FireKraken: Maybe they just didnt think about it.

Dinobot347 wrote:

Hi, at N64.IGN.COM they have Mario Party 2 on the list of upcoming games. Do you guys know anything about the game or its release date?

BeckerManEX: Mario Party 2 has not officially announced but is suppose to be on the showfloor of the Nintendo Spaceworld Expo at the end of this month. If we had tickets to Japan and could speak some Japanese we would go, but hey we don't have the money or the knowledge, or will, to learn Japanese. Look for Nintendo of America to announce a US release date after all the holiday hustle and bustle, or around Dreamcast's launch.
Hairball: As of right now Mario Party 2 has not been announced yet I believe. And we know nothing about the release date.
Game Master 64: I know nothing about the new Mario Party game.
FireKraken: No comment.

Some AOLer wrote:

hotrod is such a moron hes just like me he never says anything useful and hes so sarcastic you should have a part of the page that only hotrod anwsers mail

BeckerManEX: As me and Brian (FireKraken) know (Hot)Rod personally, we go to school together and work together, we can say that is one of the funniest people you will ever meet if you get his rich sense of humor. I believe that AOL has warped your brain and you can no longer ask valid questions.
Hairball: So that means you're a moron too. I'll be glad to give you your own section...NOT!!!
Game Master 64: You must be a moron to say you're a moron!
FireKraken: What an idiot. I happen to know hotrod personally and he is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Unlike you. AOL SUX!!!

Blake wrote:

I don't know about you, but I for one am glad that Super Mario 64 II isn't coming out for N64 and instead coming out for Nintendo's next system. I think if they did release a sequel to SM64 on the N64, it may have hurt the series. For example, Tomb Raider and Twisted Metal were good games until they made two sequels in less then a couple years apart. Now that Mario is coming back on Nintendo's next system, this leaves very much room for many advances with graphics, sound, and most likely gameplay. I can't wait.

BeckerManEX: With Dolphin still a little over a year, or two?, away you can save up for the system and the games. Nintendo has boasted that the entry price will be "very competitive." Seeing how the trend in technology is going I strongly believe that the Dolphin will retail for $129 at the max, most will say around $99 (American). But Mario will always take the reigns of the new system and show you what it can do. Nintendo has made the right choice in delaying the game as a Dolphin title. Nintendo 1 Sony -5 Sega 0.
Hairball: Actually I would've rather see the sequel to SM64 on the N64 because the N64 is still powerful enough. See games such as DK64? If that was Super Mario 64 2 it would rock. Having the new Mario game come on the new system also means we have to shell out a couple hundred $$$ to buy the system and Mario.
Game Master 64: Actualy I would rather have SM642 comes out on Dolphin than on the N64, because It will look better and Nintendo always puts a new Mario game out when there is a new system.
FireKraken: Actually it would be about 6-7 years apart instead of 2. But i think they have enough Mario games that it should be the game that they release with Dolphin. And then they could make it better then it could be on the N64.

Dinobot347 wrote:

Does the Jappanies version of Super Mario 64 have any extra stuff that we dont have in are version? And I have a question about Mario Kart64 does the Jappanies version have Magickoopa instead of DK?

BeckerManEX: Actually there are two Japanese versions. One that was launched with the system, and another re-launch of the title that supported the Rumble Pak as Hairball stated. Besides that the text is really the only thing that is different, and the label on the Cart.
Hairball: The Japanese version of Super Mario 64 has Rumble Pak support I believe. And the Japanese and North American versions of the games are the same except for the text.
Game Master 64: I don't spend my time reading about Japanese games so I wouldn't know anything about it other than the text is different.
FireKraken: I think hairball just about summed it up!


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