E-Mailbag for July 25, 1999

Miss Rinoa H. wrote:

Hey, I was surfing on the net a few months back and I read that there was a cheat that you can do to play as the princess. I think you had to defeat Bowser 20 times. I never did that, I wrote the code off a as hoax. But do you guys know of such code or a Game Shark code? Thanks.

BeckerManEX: People come up with different GameShark codes all the time, but there is no way for you to play as the Princess, because it simply wasn't programmed into the game (as far as we know). The gameshark can change the look for Mario to look like the Princess, but it won't really be her (if a code exists).
Hairball: This is yet another rumour that has spread on the Internet. Let me get this straight, only Mario (and the camera guys, if you count them) can be controlled in Super Mario 64.
Game Master 64: Yet again another rumor. How do these rumors get around in the first place?

??? wrote:

How many video game systems do you own??? How many games do you own???

BeckerManEX: I own 3 video game systems. I currently have a Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color (as well as a Ice Blue Pocket and a old Green GB), and a PC. For the Nintendo 64 I own 14 games, for the GBC I currently own 5 games, and finally for the PC I own too many games to count. And for next generation I plan on getting a Dolphin all the way, and maybe a Dreamcast, we will have to see how that turns out.
Hairball: I own 4 video game systems. The one's I have are: Nintendo 64 (duh!), Super NES, Playstation, and Game Boy Color. Well I have 12 N64 games, 10 SNES games, and 10 GBC games. But these are my guesses and I'm not sure exactly how many I have.
Game Master 64: I have these: Nintendo 64, Super NES, NES, Playstation, Sega, and a regular Game Boy. I have 13 N64 games, 8 SNES games, 4 Playstation games, 6 Sega games, 10 Game Boy games, and I'm not going to waste my time counting all my NES games.

Peach wrote:

How many e-mails do you get a day asking how to get Luigi in SM64?

BeckerManEX: Since previous editions of this email bag the mail about Luigi in SM64 has slowed down. I can let Harry explain.
Hairball: Not that many. But when I get e-mail about Luigi in SM64 it's pretty annoying since it's the same email all the time.
Game Master 64: I haven't got any yet, but watch me get some because I said I havn't got any.

JC wrote:

Where can I go on the net to download mario onto my computer?

BeckerManEX: I do not support emulation in anyway and I feel that it is taking money right from the game companies that spend millions to develop and publish these games.
Hairball: JC, I believe you are referring to emulation and ROMs. SM64C does not endorse or promote emulation in every way so we cannot comment on this.
Game Master 64: I don't have any comment on this one.

Shades1085 wrote:

I just got Super Smash Bros. and a book about it. The book says that to get Luigi I have to use everyone and beat the 1st bonus stage. I have beaten every one except Yoshi's bonus stage. I can't get the last two targets under the platform. Do you know how I could get them?

Hairball: When Yoshi is in jumping he can float back up by pressing the right C button. This doesn't last for long so hurry up and jump down and get back up to the targets quickly.
Game Master 64: After you get all the other targets get on the little flying platform and hit the first target and when you start to fall, through an egg up at the other target before you die.

Mario5 wrote:

I hate those advertisements on your site.

BeckerManEX: Adverts are a way of making money for a site to buy the things that you want to read about. As long as Harry doesn't go overboard with the ads the site should be fine.
Hairball: Well I don't like the ads either. But deal with it, without them SM64C probably wouldn't be here today.
Game Master 64: It's Hairball's site.

Michgael smart wrote:

Where are all the special stars in Super mario 64 I have one left to find!!!!!

Hairball: Well you have to know which star you're missing in order to find it. Most likely it is the one you missed in the Princess's Secret Slide. Please consult the SM64 FAQ in the games section for more info.
Game Master 64: I agree with Hairball.

Brent Warburton wrote:

Is everything in your site something to deal with something that deals A Mario or 1 of his games or characters?

BeckerManEX: You wouldn't call it Super Mario 64 Central unless the lovable Italian Plumber didn't show up somewhere on these pages, right?
Hairball: Basically yes. Hence the name Super Mario 64 Central.
Game Master 64: Of course it's a Mario site.

Kristin wrote:

On Mario Party, what will happen once you get 100 stars?

Hairball: Well not just 100 stars. You need to have completed ALL the game boards and purchase the Magma Mountain board in the Mushroom Store. Beat that and something interesting will happen...
Game Master 64: Hairball said it all...

Rachel wrote:

Is Nintendo coming out with a SuperMario64 2?I really hope so.Could youm find out?

BeckerManEX: A lot of rumors have been traveling around about the sequel to one of the, if not the, best games ever created. Many have speculated that the game may be released this fall, but that will interfer with the release of Perfect Dark (I can't wait), and Donkey Kong 64 (also, can't wait for this one). Others, like myself, beleive that the game will be scratched (much like 1080 2) to become a launch title for the highly anticipated, Dolphin.
Hairball: Possibly, I want a Super Mario 64 2 too. No there is no way I could find out about this information.
Game Master 64: I hope there will be a second one too, but I can't find out if there is going to be a second one only Nintendo knows.

Picachu357 wrote:

I was at your web site and I found luigi(Well kinda)You need a GameShark theres a code that turns the red on mario yellow,The shading of the Yellow(Or Red w/out the GameShark)to green,And his face is blue kinda.the bad part a lot of the stuff becomes yellow to!

BeckerManEX: The Gameshark likes to turn things different colors to the point that it looks like a campy 70's TV show with snow and blur of the old TV sets. Actually you are just making Mario into Bugs Bunny in all those cartoons when he turns all those colors while holding his breath.
Hairball: What's next? Bluigi? Well sir have fun screwing up your game. Just for a change of colours...
Game Master 64: I wouldn't screw with the game anymore than you have.

Urvy wrote (stupidly) wrote:

Can Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls kill Mario,or Mario(the man!) kill her?

BeckerManEX: I think Buttercup will try to beat up Mario, but then Pikachu will come out and start kicking Buttercups powerpuff butt for beating on the beloved plumber. Then Buttercup will give out a yell and from the background you will hear this "J..i..g..g..i..l..y..p..u..f..f!" and everyone will go to sleep. See now is the time Link decides he has had enough and starts taking out his rage on Jiggilypuff and then the two 'puffs will join up and start wailing down on Link...it goes on from there so I think we will have to wait for a Cartoon Network/Nintendo cross over game before we can really decide.
Hairball: Sure why not? Anything in this world can happen. Such as people sending stupid e-mail and people receiving stupid e-mail. Probably the "Powerpuff Girls" would seduce err...oh wait no mature talk on this site sorry.
Game Master 64: This is the most stupidest question I've ever heard! How would the Powerpuff Girls have anything to do with Mario in the first place?