E-Mailbag for April 10, 1999

Chris the Cool wrote:

How do you get into the black room of death? I got 120 stars.

Hairball: Goto the cannon shoot up to the roof and get the wing cap and jump back down to where the cannon is. Once in the cannon shoot as high as possible and aiming to the highest part of the castle. Once there I'm not sure so just try and play around and you'll probably make it.
BeckerManEX: Well I guess Harry said it all. Not much more I can add.
Hotrod: Wow. Room of what now?

Pete wrote:

I think you gus did a good job makeing Mario Party I think there should be a sequel Mario Party 2 and i think there should be more stages and more minigames in Mario Party 2 if you even make Mario Party 2 well thats all I have to say

Hairball: I think Nintendo probably might make Mario Party 2. But it's hard to think of ideas for mini-games when there are 50 of them in Mario Party. Let's see what they come out with.
BeckerManEX: With the instant hit that Mario Party was, I'm sure that Nintendo will make a sequel to the game. I'm sure that when Nintendo starts thinking about a new MP game (maybe a title for the new system) they will address the things that were wrong with the original. Like the tediousness between turns.
Hotrod: That's one long sentence. I imagine Mario Party's sequel will probably come out on Nintendo's next system. Since Mario Party is more of a novelty game, I can't see Nintendo publishing a sequel with N64's remaining time so crucial for big games.

Bret wrote:

Is your internet provider Cox@Home? You are the only other person that I know of that uses it.

Hairball: Um, no it's Shaw@Home.
BeckerManEX: We have Cox@Home here in Arizona. I have never heard about Shaw before. The only problem with @Home is the fact that you have to have specialty hardware.
Hotrod: I need a cable.

James wrote:

I think that you should keep it on nintendo 64

Hairball: Keep what on Nintendo 64?
BeckerManEX: You heard him Hair, keep "it" just on Nintendo 64.
Hotrod: I agree with James.

Matt wrote:

Is the rumor about Luigi true? Is there a secret code to get Luigi to follow youeverywhere in Super Mario 64?

Hairball: No and no. That is basically the answer.
BeckerManEX: I would like to find the person who starts these rumors....j/k
Hotrod: Maybe if you close your eyes, and wish real, real, hard Luigi will follow you around.

Someone wrote:

When will Mario Party be released in the U.K?

Hairball: That's a good question. You should check out Nintendo Europe's official website at www.nintendo.de.
BeckerManEX: You can also check out IGN64.com. They have release dates for Europe/Australia, Japan, and the good old United States. They are your best bet along with Nintendo of Europe's site.
Hotrod: What more can I say that hasn't allready been said.

Salty wrote:

I had a program called Mario does Typing, but it does not work on my new computer. This maybe due to the disk being in water during a recent storm. Any suggestions?

Hairball: I think I've hard of Mario Teaches Typing. I think it doesn't run on Windows 95. Sometimes programs for Win 3.1 don't run properly in future Windows systems. And the disk being in water could be a big reason.
BeckerManEX: The water could have damaged it in a way, or the data on the disk could have been corrupted somehow. You can pick up the program again for a low price at any Best Buy or CompUSA.
Hotrod: Wow you must be a big Mario fan to care about that VGA edutainment wonder. Hey maybe Nintendo should finally release a keyboard for the Nintendo 64 and update its Mario Typing franchise with Mario Teaches Typing 64. Then again, maybe not.

AOLer wrote:

Is there any way you can see Luigi on Super Mario 64?http://net.indra.com/~eyespy/MarioLuigi.html Is this code real or fake?

Hairball: No you can't get Luigi. And yes the code is fake.
BeckerManEX: No Luigi in SM64, and the person who runs that page has tricked you.
Hotrod: Vision problems or color blindness could make Mario look green and thus give the illusion that he is Luigi instead of Mario.

Another AOLer wrote:

First, lets start with Goldeneye. In the Facility, in the vent, I always fall through the gap trying to get across. Do you guys know what's on the other side of the gap? I tried a secret to get back in the vent, I got in but not to the other side. Do you know what's there? I can't find Oddjob and Mayday in the game anywhere. I e-mailed Nintendo asking them the same question and they said they weren't in the game. This kid in school claims he knows where they are. This kid also says he knows a secret for Bond to carry four guns.Now, let's go to Mario 64. The same kid said he knows a secret to find Luigi and a secret to get more than 120 stars. All the secrets this kid told me never worked and I don't believe a word he says. I just feel like smacking him. Can you confirm these secrets and find them for me?

Hairball: There is nothing on the other side of the vent in Goldeneye. Oddjob and Mayday are not in the game. Usually rumours at school are not real. Bond can carry as many guns as he finds. He can only hold a maximun of 2 guns at the same time. And in Mario 64, LUIGI IS NOT IN THE GAME. And you can't get more than 120 stars and that's that.
BeckerManEX: GoldenEye 007: You can't get across the gap in the vent without using some cheat device such as a GameShark. Oddjob and Mayday are not in the Single Player Mode, you can only find them in the multiplayer mode. And Bond doesn't have 4 arms, so unless Mr. Bond is using other bodily extremities to hold guns you cannont hold more than 2 guns. In Mario 64 there is no LUIGI!! There is also no such thing as more than 120 stars in the game. Technically there is 121, but the one you receive from Bowser on the 3rd Battle turns into the Princess instead of adding it to your total. In refrence to your friend you need to find something really big and hard and smack him across the head for making you think all these things are true.
Hotrod: Getting across to the other side of the vent will cause your Nintendo 64 to immediately implode. Oddjob and Mayday can be accessed in multiplayer somehow. I don't know how to do it but I've been them before. There is a way to carry three guns I think, but again, buy a strategy guide or something to find out how. To access Luigi, you have to get the 121st star which is located in the spaceship on Level 13.

Lauren wrote:

I like all the Mario games (exsept the ones I don't have.)I've gotten far with Super Mario,11 Power stars.I'm also good with MarioKart.

Hairball: Way to go Lauren! I like most of the Mario games too. Good luck with the games.
BeckerManEX: As we can see Mario is still popular after all these years.
Hotrod: I think you and Hairball are perfect for eachother.

Mario5 wrote:

When will you answer the questions in the E Mailbag??? Its been 3 weeks since I wrote my question, and you have not answered it yet. HURRY UP!!!

Hairball: Well I get too many e-mails to answer all of them. I try to answer most of them but not all the time I can. If you don't get a reply try sending the question to me again and I'll try to answer it. You'll be a better chance for an answer if you have a reply address.
BeckerManEX: You can always write to beckermanex@gamingex.com to get your question answered the same day that your write it. Just include your return Email address, and vola your question will be answered by those crazy video game experts at Gaming Extremist Online
Hotrod: 3 weeks? Oh man. I apologize for this, and I must say that I, for one, am appalled at Hairball's latency. Since he is so late I'll answer this one for free.

NJ6464 wrote:

what graphic program did you use to make your site Super Mario Central I really like your page it is cool mine is temporally down

Hairball: I use Paint Shop Pro 5 to make all the graphics. Coming soon will be 3D text, and much cooler stuff.
BeckerManEX: Paint Shop Pro 5 is a great program and its very user friendly, so it makes it easier to make great graphics in a low amount of time, even if you have a low amount of skill.
Hotrod: 3D text? WOW.