E-Mailbag for March 6, 1999

Kori wrote:

I would like to know how do you do the "Tricky Kick Wall Jump"? Also, how do you get more Power Stars? I only have 38. Thanks!

Hairball: What do you mean by the "Tricky Kick Wall Jump"? Please e-mail me back with a further explanation. The way to get more power stars is by completing the tasks in the levels. There isn't much I could help you with, but here's a hint, get all 8 RED coins in each level for a star, this is usually the easiest task.

Jakob wrote:

I found a cheat so I get Lugi but it doesn`t work. Have you a cheat which works?

Hairball: Hmmm...you probably mean Luigi. Luigi is not in Super Mario 64. Read the previous e-mail bags for explanations.

Royalgambler@webtv.net wrote:

On Kakariko Village, it say's in my game guide that there is a gold skulltula in the tree when you first enter the village. It say's if you go there as a kid and at night there will be a gold skulltula there but there's not.

Hairball: I do not own Zelda 64 (don't cry) so therefore I cannot help you with the game. Try asking someone from a Zelda site for help.

Shaggy@inetone.net wrote:

I'd like some hints, cheats and strategies for Zelda 64, that is, if you even have any.

Hairball: Nope, I don't have Zelda 64 cheats or strategies either.

Gamehead wrote:

I need to know some information I heard from several different magazines that the was a way to get even more stars on Super Mario 64 than the 120 stars that are listed if there are any other stars at the end of Mario 64, then can you please inform me thanks.

Hairball: There are only 120 stars in Mario 64. Rumours like these tend to float around all the time on the Internet.

Tammy Walters wrote:

I have been searching for DAYS!!! My 6 year old is looking for hints/clues for Mario Kart. Can you tell me where to look!

Hairball: There are many sites with hints for Mario Kart 64. These are just some of them: http://www.n64cc.com - N64 Code Central http://www.ign64.com IGN64 http://www.videogamers.com/n64cp/ - N64 Code Palace