E-Mailbag for January 12, 1999

Tonto wrote:

Do you know where I can download some Nintendo 64 ROMs?

Hairball: Sigh, please do not send garbage to Super Mario 64 Central.
BeckerManEX: Go to Yahoo! or any search engine and type in N64 ROM or just ROM and see what you get. It should be noted that I or Gaming Extremist Online do not believe in ROMs or emulators.

Someone wrote:

Is it possible to get Luigi in SM64? If so, what's the best way?

Hairball: Didn't you read the last e-mailbag? Luigi IS NOT IN SUPER MARIO 64. SO STOP ASKING.
BeckerManEX: In the last emailbag I delieved a segment called the Truth Report for Super Mario 64. Here is an encore report--- I don’t know how these rumors started spreading but herecomes a truth report for you all. You CANNOT ride Yoshi in Super Mario 64 there is no code, no cheat, no GameShark Easter Egg that will allow you, Mario, to ride your lovable dino friend. Now to this Luigi business. Luigi is not in Mario 64 at all anywhere. Not in a hidden area or just plain hidden. He was to be included by the development team for a 2 player co-op adventure, but the plan was dropped due to time constraints.

Skylock Fox wrote:


Hairball: Look on the left menu, and click on "SM64 Guide" then click on "Secret Stars" and your answer will be there.
BeckerManEX: Yes it is true you can get a Player’s Guide of YOUR Choice from Gaming Extremist Online. All you have to do is contribute to the new NEXUS somehow. Send us a mini review, mini preview, your opinion on something, or a good quality question to the email bag. You will be entered to win a FREE Guide. We pay for the guide and the shipping.

Nupur Sengupta wrote:

How did you get permission to use items off of Nintendo Power Source(www.nintendo.com)? In the last three months, you've had over 16,000 visitors. How do you do that?

Hairball: I didn't get permisstion to get images from them. Most of SM64Central's pictures are scanned from magazines or books or something. Getting that many hits is a secret...
BeckerManEX: You can remove pictures from sites unless they have copyright info like Gaming Extremist or SM64C. In the info it will say that all info is copyrighted by the site and you may not reproduce it. As with Gaming Extremist Online we watermark (even though we don’t like to) our pics because we spend so much time getting them scanned or retrieved.

Jayson Gallardo wrote:

I have one question. Where are all the cap switches? I just started a week ago and have 20 stars. I have the red and blue switches, but where is the green one. Hope you answer my question. If you do THANKS!!!

Hairball: Look at the left navigation bar and click on "SM64 Guide" then click on Cap Switches. Voila!
BeckerManEX: An easier way is to go into Hazy Maze Cave and look for a secret exit in the level. It should be in the Hazy Maze Cave and you have to “backflip” jump to get it. There you will be transported to the Green Switch Palace and be able to use Metal Mario. Don’t forget to collect the 8 Red Coins in the Green Switch Palace it is one of the casltles secret stars.

C Cook wrote:

Where is the secret switch to find the hats in the red, blue and green boxes?

Hairball: Read the above answer.
BeckerManEX: Please read my above answer for the Green Switch. The Red Switch is easy to get. Once you have obtained 10 Stars return to the castle lobby and you will see light streaming onto the sun painted on the ground. Stand on the sun, look up at the light’s source, and you will be transported to a flying zone. Just land (using Z) on the middle platform and jump on the switch. To find the Blue Switch: drain the moot and jump in the hole that you will see. Procede along the maze to find the blue switch. For more detailed instructions check out SM64C’s Guide.

Dan wrote:

Yo my name is dan and I am 12 years old and me and some friends would ask if you guys make DRAGON BALL Z for N64. And trust me a lot of people have N64, and really really want DRAGON BALL Z. So if you don't mind please make DRAGON BALL Z for N64.

Hairball: No, we're not Nintendo. And if we were we wouldn't make you Dragon Ball Z for the N64 because we're too lazy. We know a lot of people have the N64.
BeckerManEX: Nintendo or any company currently has no plans to make a Dragon Ball Z game for the Nintendo 64. If you wanted to see a game then contact the shows producers and voice your opinion. The Power of the Word is in your hands.