E-Mailbag for January 1, 1999

Brett wrote:

In Super Mario World I have 93 levels. Are there more levels? And how can I get them if there are more?

BeckerManEX: I am not too familiar with Super Mario World as of yet. I havenít ventured to far into the game but if you can check out www.nintendoland.com they may have the answer you are looking for.
Hairball: No, there are not more levels. If you want more why don't you get a new game?

EstherHam@aol.com wrote:

Where are the codes?

BeckerManEX: Codes you ask? Well you have to tell us what game and whatyou are going to use them for. If you want Mario 64 codes then you are mistaken there are no "codes" only tricks to do special things.
Hairball: Read above.

D21BB@aol.com wrote:

Hey, could you make WCW/NWO Revenage or World Tour and WWF Warzone into a ROM for me?

BeckerManEX: Making games into ROMs is a hard thing to do and you need special equipment to do it, like Z64. I personally don't believe in ROMs or emulators for that matter. If you really like a game, get off of your cheap ass and buy it.
Hairball: No, I will not. Not that I know how to make ROMs. I think it's best to buy a game to keep the companies alive. If everyone uses ROMs then we won't see Nintendo or Sony or Sega. Know what I mean?

Mije wrote:

Where are the ROMS?

BeckerManEX: Yet another misguided soul. This is not my site. Super Mario 64 Central is owned and operated by Hairball 64 so I don't know if he plans to or has ROMs for any games.
Hairball: There are no ROMs for games for any system at Super Mario 64 Central. Also there are no plans for ROMs either. So stop asking stupid questions about them.

Jean Fox wrote:

A map, a map, my kingdom for a map! Know where I can get one?

BeckerManEX: A penny, a penny for your thoughts. No really a map forwhat?Do you need a map to get to grandma's house, or one to travel to the farland of Oz? Your kingdom for a map....I'm sure we can arrange atransaction.
Hairball: I think someone has to be transferred to a mental hospital.

Annie Maya Desilets wrote:

Bonjour, j'aime beaucoup jouer au Nintendo 64 et le jeux que jeprefaier c'est Mario boss. J'aime ce jeux d'aventure.

Hairball: If my French was any better maybe I could answer this. Je ne sais pas.

Someone wrote:

In Mario 64 in the 15th course I am having trouble colecting 100 coins. When I pounce on the blue coin square I only see one blue coin. I was wondering if you could tell me where the are.

BeckerManEX: This is Rainbow Ride if I am not mistaken. Once you pounceon the Blue Coin box and you see one of the coins you then have to go to the firstindent of the bluemaze thingy and wall jump to the top on your way up you grab them.

Messier934@aol.com wrote:

In the 15th course I still need to collect 100 stars. However when Ipounce onthe blue coin square I only see one blue coin. Can you please tell mewherethe others are?

BeckerManEX: Iím sure you mean coins not stars. Look at the above question for your answer.
Hairball: I never knew there were 100 stars in a level.

Kris wrote:

Will there be a Donkey Kong 64? I know the SNES Donkey Kong games went over well. I loved each one and could not stop playing them.Please write back and let me know something.

BeckerManEX: There will indeed be a Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64coming next year according to Rare. The gameís elements and characters have not been decided yet.The game is slated for a Christmas 99 release date, but with Rare releasing Perfect Dark, Twelve Tales: Conker 64, Banjo-Tooie, and Jet Force Gemini it is unlikely that the game will meet that release date. We all know Rare, and they could get the game out we willjust have to wait and see.
Hairball: Yes there is! In fact there is a screenshot of it in January 1999's Nintendo Power. It looks cool.

Cooldude_scr10@yahoo.com wrote:

How cam you ride on Yoshi? How do can you find or be Luigi?

BeckerManEX: I donít know how these rumors started spreading but herecomes a truth report for you all. You CANNOT ride Yoshi in Super Mario 64 there is no code, no cheat, no GameShark Easter Egg that will allow you, Mario, to ride your lovable dino friend. Now to this Luigi business. Luigi is not in Mario 64 at all anywhere. Not in a hidden area or just plain hidden. He was to be included by the development team for a 2 player co-op adventure, but the plan was dropped due to time constraints.
Hairball: BeckerMan said it all. There rumors just keep moving around the Internet. THERE IS NO LUIGI AND YOU CANNOT RIDE YOSHI! That pretty much summarizes it.