A Possible Answer To A Big Question
Review by: GuyInGreen (guyingreen@sm128c.com)

Editorial Posted: August 24, 2003

I’ve had numerous people come into SM128C’s chatroom asking me that never ending question; “Is Luigi in Super Mario 64?” I would have left it at the fate of the words “no” or “go away I don’t have time for your bogus crap”, but I believe it is time to tell people what I have learned. Back in 1998 I came across a messageboard on a now long-gone site. It was called “The Luigi In Super Mario 64 MessageBoard.” I didn’t think much of it but I started posting there. What I got myself into was 3 more years of searching for Luigi in and out of the game. Although I never found him, this is what I did find.

Back in 1998, I started a fresh search, playing Super Mario 64, trying out Luigi codes other people made, as well as a few ideas of my own. Lucky for me I decided to try out going to the castle courtyard in the back. To be more specific, this is where the haunted house stage entrance is located. The courtyard is also the location of a small pond with a statue in it. The statue is of a star, and has a plaque underneath it. The plaque, through careful reading on my part, most likely says “L is Real, 24 *’s”. This can be debated since the graphics suck and most people probably couldn’t care less.

What the plaque said didn’t interest me as much as its location. It appeared as the the second line on this plack had some illegible writing, with an arrow pointing towards the right wall. Now correct me if im wrong but you cant see through, go through, or in anyway get around that wall. Nintendo programmed boundaries to keep you from doing so.

This is why I took my search to other games, when a friend of mine showed me something very interesting. In the Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Castle has a courtyard as well. My friend and I played the game, and took Link into this courtyard. Remember that alleged “arrow” I saw on the plaque that pointed right? Well it wasn’t there…but we looked to the right wall, and there was a window. Bingo we can see through it, yay! What is through this window? A picture of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Ah now we are getting somewhere. But why would Nintendo put something like this in a game other than Super Mario 64?

Luck would strike again in about 2000, when I was still playing Ocarina of Time. I was in Dodongo’s cavern, after having already beaten it, as Young Link, when I came across something that bothered me a little. It was the same plaque I had seen in Peach’s Castle Courtyard in Mario 64, with the exact same barely legible writing. This discovery shed new light on my theory that the plaque in the courtyard in Super Mario 64 had something to do with Luigi being in the game.

While all of this does not prove much, it gives Luigi Searchers hope of maybe finding something else that maybe I didn’t find. I suppose its something Mario newsworthy. I'll bring more about this if I ever find it out.

-- GuyInGreen (guyingreen@sm128c.com)