Nintendo's Mistake
Review by: GuyInGreen (

Editorial Posted: July 12, 2002

In the history of Nintendo, there have been many flaws and follies, but not one as great as this. Nintendo had the ignorance and foolishness to take one of their key titles, blow it way out of proportion, and neglect it to the point where it would become obsolete by the time it launches. That game is Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario Sunshine; launching almost one year after GameCube's release, has been looked down upon for many reasons. One being the title itself, which includes the rather childish word "sunshine". Why didn't they call it Super Mario X? Something cool like that, or possibly even Super Mario Universe, the rumored game which will never come out. They could call it Super Mario Water Gun, because after all, Mario lugs a humongous water gun around on his back, and they think that thing is supposed to remove spray paint? That was another mistake, giving Mario a water gun. How utterly retarded, I must say. When people demanded a more mature Mario, they wanted a machine gun, not a water gun. Who just goes around spraying the crap out of graffiti?

Mario doesn't even save the princess now, and where is Luigi? Nintendo Gamers like change, but not when it involves the downsizing of a great game series such as The Super Mario Bros. At least Mario can ride Yoshi again, that's a plus. We've been waiting for that for about 8 years, so it's about time. Bowser has not been seen in the game, but a guy who looks just like Mario is the enemy instead. Is it Wario? Or maybe its Luigi gone mad. We will never know, and because of what Nintendo did to the game, most of us will never care.

This was Nintendo's mistake, because they need titles such as The Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, so that they can make good on their cause. Even Link has been blown out of proportion. He should be starring in the new powerpuff girls movie, not taking part in a classic game that was supposed to be better than the last one. Since when did Nintendo decide that it was a good idea to make the new games worse than the old ones? By now they should realize that it hurts profits to do that.

Fortunately, Nintendo can still make good on their standing. Mario will hopefully be launched at a time when everyone is still eager for it, and it should boost sales a substantial amount. Super Mario Sunshine could do so much more for Nintendo, but because of their mistakes, it's done so much less.

-- GuyInGreen (