Space World 2001 Report
Review by: Hairball (

Editorial Posted: August 30, 2001

It's that time again, every summer in Japan, there's a Nintendo show called Space World, where you can expect to see the latest games, systems, and other goodies from your favourite gaming company. And this year, it's all about the GameCube.

A few days before Space World, Nintendo of America announced that the Nintendo GameCube launch in North America will be delayed until November 18, 2001 (originally planned for Nov. 5), and the system will go for $199.95 US. But the good news, North American shipments of the console have been increased 1.1 million by the end of 2001, and in addition to "Indigo purple", the GCN will also be available in "Jet Black".

In addition to Indigo and Black, Nintendo is also going to be releasing a "Spicy Orange" a little after the system launch. Controllers will be available in 4 different flavours, including black, indigo, orange, and indigo/transparent. Extra controllers will be at a pricy $34.95 US. Memory cards for the GCN will cost $14.95 each.

The Japanese GameCube launch will still be on September 14, and sources show that it will only be available in Indigo. The Orange and Black GameCubes will be released a little later in Japan.

The GameCube launch title, Luigi's Mansion, was also shown in more detail at the Space World show, with more screenshots and movies shown of the game. And for some reason, our hero Mario seems to be captured or lost once again, but I guess it's finally time for Luigi to take the spotlight. Luigi's Mansion will be released on November 18 in North America, and September 14 in Japan.

After many months of pondering, Nintendo has finally shown off some footage of an upcoming Mario title for the GameCube, currently titled as "Mario Sunshine". Besides the few videos and screenshots, little is known about the gameplay of this game. It looks like it will be in a similar style/theme that Super Mario 64 was in, a 3D platformer. What is known is, that this Mario GameCube game will be coming out in Summer 2002, in Japan, and most likely North America and Europe soon after.

An expected launch title, Super Smash Bros. Melee got pushed back until December 3, once again, in North America, and November 21 in Japan. SSB Melee wasn't shown in much at the show. But there is one interesting thing to point out, Super Smario Bros. Melee will be bilingual in Japan, and you can choose from English or Japanese, good for those who want to import the 'cube...but you might as well wait 2 more weeks.

On the Game Boy Advance side, it was pretty quiet for Mario games, as only 1 was shown, and that is Super Mario Advance 2. This game is a port of the Super NES hit title, Super Mario World, and it will be released in Japan in January 2002. There is speculation that the original Mario Bros. arcade game might make a return to SMA2 again, but also, there is going to be another multiplayer mode, a Time Attack mode. It isn't exactly known what this will be at this time.

Wario Land 4 was also shown at Space World, once again, Wario and his evil plans are back on the Game Boy Advance. If only Nintendo was so eager to release new Mario games on the GBA...

And a quick summary for those who were not interested in reading the entire article:

GameCube US launch delayed until November 18, 2001, available in Indigo and Jet Black for $199.95 US
Controllers available in black, indigo, orange, and indigo/transparent for $34.95 US each SSB Melee delayed until December 3, 2001
Mario Sunshine (tentative title) shown for first time at Space World, will be released in 2002
Super Mario Advance 2 and Wario Land 4 shown off

That's about just the major Nintendo and Mario-related events that happened at Space World 2001, all the great games, and the GameCube! Oh, and Mario Kart: Super Circuit is in stores across North America, better get a hold of that.

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