The GameCube Controller
Review by: GuyInGreen (

Editorial Posted: July 14, 2001

Nintendo GameCube's controller seems very innovative, but at the same time Nintendo 64 gamers loved the Nintendo 64's rather large controller. When looking back, you can see that Nintendo64 had the largest of the controllers, and yet it was most appealing. People never commented about the interesting feel that the Super Nintendo or Nintendo controllers gave during gameplay. The Nintendo 64 controller goes something along the lines of feeling like a Playstation controller, while having the size of a Dreamcast controller.

This brings up a simple question; why didn't Nintendo just use the Nintendo 64 controller for the GameCube? Nintendo obviously thought that they would get a negative response from gamers if they left the controller similar to the design for the Nintendo 64. Instead they decided to make the controller smaller and added more features, which isn't bad at all. Some people say small controllers are better, others say gamers with big hands are at a disadvantage. I say that Nintendo 64's controller should have some standard innovations incorporated into it, and then be brought to the Nintendo GameCube.

Perhaps its size should be slightly decreased, and have a dual pad added to it. The point is, the Nintendo 64 controller has a great feel to it, giving gamers a smooth sense of control. What is the new controller going to feel like though? The Nintendo GameCube controller appears rigid, not having any smooth handles, which could lower the confidence of many gamers. As ridiculous as this sounds, it's not uncommon. If you play Nintendo64 for a year, then go back to using the small Super Nintendo controller you probably wont feel right using it.

After the feel comes the design. First off, dual pad is an excellent idea when thinking of advancing controller technology. Making the Gameboy Advance a controller for the GameCube was a good idea as well. However, is it going to be too complicated after a while? When will triple or quadruple pad come into play? Will they even come into the controller's design at all? This issue remains "unanswered" by Nintendo, which is a key error they will make in marketing the Nintendo GameCube.

A console's controller might not seem like the most significant part of the console, but if you think about it, You have your hands on the controller more than any other part of the system. Nintendo has probably not left this completely unnoticed, but they sure have overlooked it in its most critical moments. Nintendo has so many factors about their controller that they are not addressing to the public. Because of this, I am not at all impressed at the approach they have taken with their Nintendo GameCube controller.

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