They Came and Went
Review by: GuyInGreen (

Editorial Posted: July 14, 2001

When the Nintendo 64 game console released back in 1996, gamers everywhere were impressed. Stores sold out ofNintendo 64's within hours of opening. Nintendo thought they had the gaming market by the neck. The main word in that previous sentence is "thought". Unfortunately for Nintendo, gamers soon realized that Sony's Playstation had better graphics, and evidently, more games (most of which were also more mature) to pick from. This was the beginning of the end for Nintendo.

Nintendo as you guessed is a Japanese word. No reason to explain why, but its meaning couldn't better describe Nintendo's situation now. Nintendo in English means, "Leave luck to heaven". With Nintendo's slow demise, which many have come to realize, they are going to need all of the luck from heaven that they can get. Demise, you ask? What on earth would bring me to think that Nintendo is close to its demise? Well, there are many things.

Many people say characters like Mario and all of his friends are no longer mature like they used to be. Used to be? The fact is they never were. People always liked Tomb Raider (playstation and PC) because the main character was wearing a large bra and short-shorts. They wouldn't care if they were a plumber with a large bubbly nose and a voice three pitches too high.

Third party developers for Nintendo don't have a problem making mature characters, but Nintendo themselves do. For the love of god, Bowser hasn't killed anyone yet. He is supposed to be the most evil fiend of all Nintendo' s characters. Everyday thousands of people are murdered, yet Nintendo's main villain hasn't even managed to show anything remotely close within the 15 years of his existence.

You probably don't know where I'm getting at in all of this. The fact is, Nintendo's games used to be good, but they are losing all of their ratings in gameplay because all they do now is entertain little kids and alienate older gamers. If that's not enough to give Nintendo a bad name, then hear this. Game Boy Advance is nothing special to look at. If I recall, didn't Sega's gamegear have color? I mean, I have a portable CD player with more goddamn features than the game boy advance. Sure it has advanced, but it sure as hell didn't revolutionize handhelds.

Nintendo's upcoming GameCube is just one other reason Nintendo has a numbered amount of days. Nintendo is getting support from all kinds of companies for production in GameCube titles. Catch is, most of them don't match Sony's backup and Microsoft's backup. Sony has Square, enough said, they pretty much own the gaming market now. Microsoft has EA, most likely Square, and themselves, which isnt bad. Nintendo has all of the little companies that make a few good games and then start spewing out last nights dinner. Sure, Square is making Final Fantasy XI for GameCube, but that is just one title, at least a year away, and all of the other game consoles will get the same title.

Nintendo no longer has anything going for them. Chances are they will dominate the handheld industry with their Game Boy Advance, and develop console games for other consoles like sega did. Bottom line; Nintendo no longer has any chance of regaining control of the console market.

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