What Happened to the Others?
Review by: Tiger (tiger@sm128c.com)

Editorial Posted: February 6, 2000

Yes, what exactly happened? I mean we already see a dissapearance of Luigi, and even characters like Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Toadstool (Peach), and Toad himself are missing in the spotlight. Not to be mean or anything, but why is all the light cast upon Mario? What about his friendly cohorts who have been there for HIM throughout the years?

I mean at least there was one Luigi spotlight game that I know of, "Mario is Missing!" for SNES and PC. Well that wasn't too popular, and the only reason Luigi was in the spotlight was because, simply put, Mario was missing.

Even the Princess, Yoshi, Luigi, and other characters aren't even in almost the spotlight. Now in SMB2 (US version) you got to pick who you could play as, and that was great. You didn't have to be forced upon some Mario figure. In Super Smash Bros, some of the characters even return to be a playable character. Characters such as Toad, that we barely see, is actually in a new game. Wow.

What dissapoints me the most, is that even new characters can boot out the old, such as Wario. Ok, I don't have much of a problem with Wario, but it's just that hogging of the Game Boy. Now that worries me. Is there any new hope for Mario on the Game Boy? We can only wish. Even new logos for Nintendo have an absence of Mario, it's Wario now. Aye, what a sad time for Mario, on the Game Boy. But even with the re-release of Super Mario Bros. for GBC, is the only hope for Mario on re-releases of games we have played out already? Just set him aside like the other forgotten characters? Koopa Troopas, Boo, Hammer Bros, are they all lost in the midst of the Mario/Wario spotlight? Or is the Big N once again abandonning things?

I still remember all the Mario hype, mostly everybody loved Mario. Nintendo went crazy with licencing, with Mario Happy Meals, toys, stickers, lunchboxes, and even failed PC games. At least we know for now that Mario is on our Nintendo systems as the "Nintendo Authorized Repair Center" mascot, since the way back depths of years.

But is Mario going to survive after all these years? Is Wario going to push him out of the way? Or is some "new gen" mascot going to nudge all our classic characters off the cliff of misery. We can only hope the best for the future of our forgotten characters, and wish them luck with Nintendo for the next new Mario platform game.

-- Tiger (tiger@sm128c.com)