Yoshi Makes Super Mario Galaxy Appearance!
Posted on April 1, 2008 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball

Sources close to SM128C have revealed that Yoshi, Mario's friendly dinosaur friend has been found in a cameo role in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

Gamers that have played Super Mario Galaxy are sure to have noticed subtle hints of Yoshi in the game. There are two such "hints", a giant Yoshi egg planet found on Good Egg Galaxy, and a planet resembling Yoshi's face found on Space Junk Galaxy.

Yoshi awaits Mario in the main area of the Comet Observatory, at the platform where Princess Rosalina waits for Mario to take him to the centre of the universe to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Yoshi is not playable, and wishes Mario well in his mission, he does not appear to have any additional functionality.

Confidential documents obtained by AlfipOrol and RopliOfal from Nintendo’s EAD (Entertainment Analysis and Development) division in Japan describe the method to "unlock" Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy as the following:

  • Collect at least 60 stars and defeat Bowser once
  • Go to Good Egg Galaxy, visit the Yoshi egg planet and shoot at least 5 star bits at each green spot on the egg planet
  • Go to Space Junk Galaxy, choose the secret star "Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance" (or the star for "Tarantox's Tangled Web" if not already completed)
  • Feed the hungry Luma 50 star bits so it transforms into the Yoshi planet (this step is omitted if planet has already been revealed)
  • Use the launch star, to launch to the Yoshi planet
  • Defeat all the Goombas on this planet by stomping on them, but without touching the ground
  • When the above step is completed, go to the nostrils of the Yoshi planet, they will breathe fire, use Mario's spin attack to diffuse the fire
  • A Yoshi egg will appear on the nose, pick up the egg with Mario, and obtain the star
  • A Yoshi sound will play, and Yoshi will now appear at the Comet Observatory

When contacted by SM128C, a spokesperson from Nintendo declined to comment on this matter.

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